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Types of Fractions by Mind Map: Types of Fractions
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Types of Fractions

What is a fraction ?

Fractions are a part over a whole

What is an Improper Fraction?

The numerator is larger than the denominator

What is an equivalent fraction?

Fractions that represent the same amount

What is a Mixed Number?

A whole number and a fraction

About this map and Mindmeister

I made this map on fractions using the web 2.0 tool, MindMeister.  I liked some aspects of it, but I did not like the green connection arrow.  It is very hard to control, and would not allow me to connect the same ideas twice. I did not find the icons useful to my topic, but I did pick a very specific topic. I also found the design of the map confining, but perhaps that is beause I am comparing it to Inspiration which has unlimited design abilities. I did link 3 interactive sites to this map and two notes. Both were very easy to accomplish. I will have to explore the use of this tool more to see how I can apply it in my classroom. Betsy Huberth