Types of Fractions

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Types of Fractions by Mind Map: Types of Fractions

1. What is a fraction ?

1.1. Fractions are a part over a whole

1.1.1. Example: 1/2 The part is called the NUMERATOR in this fraction we are talking about 1 part. The DENOMINATOR is the whole. In this fraction it is the number 2. It tells how many pieces the whole is divided into.

1.1.2. Example: 3/5 The part is called the Numerator. In this fraction the numerator is the number 3. The DENOMINATOR is the whole. In this fraction the whole is divided into 5 parts.

2. What is an Improper Fraction?

2.1. The numerator is larger than the denominator

2.1.1. Example: 7/4 The numerator has 7 parts and and the denominator is cut into fourths.

2.1.2. Example: 7/3 The Numerator has 7 parts, the Denominator is cut into thirds

3. What is an equivalent fraction?

3.1. Fractions that represent the same amount

3.1.1. Example: 2/4 2/4 = 4/8

3.1.2. Example: 6/10 6/10= 12/20

4. What is a Mixed Number?

4.1. A whole number and a fraction

4.1.1. Example: 1 3/4 This mixed number has 1 whole and the fraction 3/4.

4.1.2. Example: 2 1/3 This mixed number has 2 wholes and the fraction 1/3

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