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eLanguages by Mind Map: eLanguages

1. Up to 100 MB project space for each project

2. Multilingual site available in many languages including the 10 most popular languages

3. Great for finding a partner teacher or school

4. Global

5. Free and simple to use

6. Digital Toolbox (How-to)

6.1. http://www.elanguages.org/view_pagecontent.php?resourceid=7809

7. Supports a wide range of project resources, photos, galleries, web links, question polls, forums, documents, presentations and more - created or sourced by you and your students

8. Welcome to the Creative collaboration for teachers globally

9. Get started!

9.1. What

9.1.1. http://www.elanguages.org/what.php

9.2. Why

9.2.1. To establish project links with schools in foreign countries and add an international dimension to the work in your classroom

9.2.2. To store a variety of resources and classroom materials in your own project space of up to 100Mb

9.2.3. To share and re-use thousands of digital resources with teachers and pupils from many countries

9.2.4. To motivate pupils by placing their work on the world stage and embarking on exciting interactive projects with pupils from other countries

9.2.5. To develop key ICT, communication and language skills among pupils and increase cultural awareness

9.3. How

9.3.1. Just register and off you go! http://www.elanguages.org/how.php http://www.elanguages.org/subscribe.php