Our Parenting Plan

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Our Parenting Plan by Mind Map: Our Parenting Plan

1. Recommended Reading

1.1. Detoxification Sourcebook by Dr. Robert Morse ND

1.2. Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering by By Dr. Sarah Buckley MD

1.3. Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May

1.4. Parenting Pack by Dr. Schreiber

1.5. Fatherhood by Stephen Davey

1.6. Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens by Oliver DeMille

1.7. Parenting By The Book by John Rosemond

1.8. For Parents only by Shaunti Feldman

1.9. The key to your child's heart by Gary Smalley

1.10. Shepherding a child's heart by Tedd's Tripp

1.11. The business of being born

1.12. Make your children mind without losing yours by Dr. Kevin Leman

1.13. Say goodbye to whining complaining and bad attitudes in you and your kids by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller

1.14. Top 50 List

1.14.1. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

1.14.2. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

1.14.3. Financial Fitness by Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward

1.14.4. How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

1.14.5. Pails by Chris Brady

1.14.6. Launching a Leadership Revolution

1.14.7. Mentoring Matters by Orrin Woodward

1.14.8. Paradigm Shift by George Guzzardo

1.14.9. Toughen Up by Claude Hamilton

1.14.10. Turn the Page by Chris Brady

1.14.11. Rascal by Chris Brady

1.14.12. Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

1.14.13. Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

1.14.14. How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger

1.14.15. How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin

1.14.16. Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

1.14.17. Bringing Out The Best In People by Alan Loy McGinnis

1.14.18. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

1.14.19. The Ant and The Elephant by Vince Poscente

1.14.20. Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

1.14.21. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

1.14.22. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

1.14.23. Developing The Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell

1.14.24. Courage: The Backbone of Leadership by Gus Lee

1.14.25. Wild At Heart by John Eldredge

1.14.26. Leadership and Liberty Pieces of the Puzzle by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

1.14.27. The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley

1.14.28. Character Counts by Os Guinness

1.14.29. The Greatest Salesman in The World by Og Mandino

1.14.30. Resolved by Orrin Woodward

1.14.31. The 21 Irrifutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

1.14.32. Good to Great by Jim Collins

1.14.33. The Speed of Trust by Stephen R. M. Covey

1.14.34. The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

1.14.35. Spiritual Depression Its Causes and Cure by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

1.14.36. How Should We Then Live? by Francis Schaeffer

1.15. Emotional Intelligence 2.0

1.16. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

1.17. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

1.18. And Justice For All by Orrin Woodward

1.19. The One Thing by Gary Keller

1.20. Conflict Resolution by Bill Lewis

1.21. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

1.22. Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

1.23. When Sorry Isn't Enough by Gary Chapman

1.24. Start with Why by Simon Sinek

1.25. Why Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

1.26. You already know how to be great by Alan Fine

1.27. Drive by Daniel Pink

1.28. The Go-Giver

1.29. The happiness advantage by Shawn Achor

1.30. The leader who had no title by Sharma

2. Parenting by Principles

2.1. We want to raise a healthy child in body, mind and spirit by teaching principles through example more than by attempting to describe their characteristics and values with language.

2.1.1. Positive attitude

2.1.2. Listening

2.1.3. Gratitude

2.1.4. Love and Service to others

2.1.5. Excellence

2.1.6. Truthful

2.2. Help your children develop a thirst for learning and a love of reading (Thomas Jefferson Education)

2.2.1. Make reading time a reward

2.2.2. Make reading fun

2.2.3. Have books everywhere

2.2.4. Read to your kids

2.2.5. Read with your kids

2.2.6. Ask: What do you think the author intended to communicate in the writing? What is the point? Can you relate the message to an area in your life? Does the point relate to your life in any way? What is another possible intended message? Could you interpret the message any other way?

2.2.7. Logistics Homeschooling requirements in Hawaii Kealakehe Elementary - Nancy Matsukawa Form 4140 Steps to ensure homeschool compliance in Hawaii http://diagnostics.aceministries.com/ https://www.aceministries.com/homeschool/?content=main

2.3. Encourage them because you know they can be great

2.3.1. Keep them focused on the positive of who they want to become!

2.3.2. Express gratitude often

2.3.3. Encouragement the Key to Caring by Dr. Larry Crabb & Dr. Dan Allender

2.4. Give your child the gift of truly listening to them with the intent to understand their feeling

2.4.1. Listening for Success by Steve Shapiro

2.5. Addressing bickering

2.5.1. We are encourages in this family. That is not allowed here. Always discuss highs and lows of day at dinner Be encouraging and ask why!

2.6. Punish consistently

2.6.1. Purpose The purpose of discipline is to raise the self esteem and self worth of each child by helping them learn to operate in alignment with the principle of cause and effect.

2.6.2. Objective A person who can understand and take to heart the cause and effect relationship between action and consequence has outstanding advantages in life. This habit is best instilled at an early age when the child is highly intelligent, able to spot patterns and learn VERY quickly. This critical relationship is best internalized physically rather than mentally.... a safe but sharp stimulation of the nerves helps the child grasp the reality of the principle of cause and effect. Thus the goal is that each child understand the principle, the reason behind the principle, and the consequences of breaking the principle.

2.6.3. Guidelines for administration Rules and Regulations and their corresponding consequences must be clearly defined by the parent/legal guardian and explained to the child Have each child repeat what the authority says so it is acknowledge to be understood Give each child occasional friendly reminders to save them from discipline Consequences must be administered consistently The law of cause and effect says that EVERY action has an equal and opposite reaction Inconsistency teaches children the dangerous lie that there are "loop-holes" in the principle. Consequences must be administered immediately following violations A delay in the administration of the predefined consequence causes the child to misunderstand the relationship of cause and effect Children should be able to physically and mentally associate the consequence with the action. The more time passes; the weaker the neural association Consequences must be administered with something safe other than your hand Your hand should be associated with love not pain. A predefined tool ensures that you have considered safety and efficacy. Taking time while you retrieve the tool helps you collect your thoughts and emotions before administering consequence. Consequences must be appropriate The disciplinary action should Consequences must be adminstered in love without the emotion of anger Kids need to know parents love for thrm Restitution The offender must do something to make it right

2.7. Natural Consequences

3. Start with a clear purpose

3.1. Better Health

3.1.1. Alkalization More living and raw PH balancing foods Less Grains, Animal Proteins and dairy Oxygen Water Nutrition Aerobic Power

3.1.2. Detoxification More Organic; Less Genetically Modified More Natural Toiletries; Less Toxic Chemicals No Vaccinations Dr. Stephanie Seneff VacLib.org Vaccination Council

3.1.3. Hydration More Water: Less sugary beverages

3.1.4. Genetics Awareness and prevention of genetic cellular weaknesses

3.2. Better Education

3.2.1. Children are highly intelligent meaning they can spot patterns and learn VERY quickly. We want our kids to learn at their own pace rather than at the group pace that happens in schools

3.2.2. Learn Phonics vs. word recognition We want to teach them to fish; vs giving them a fish

3.2.3. Extra-curricular activities to develop talents and people skills Music Keyboard/Piano Sports Juggling Hackeysack Baseball Frisbee Soccer Basketball Dance Craft, Building, Mechanics, and Engineering

3.2.4. Learn to love learning and how to think based on Principles Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver deMille http://www.tjed.org/2016/01/tjed-2/ Simple Homeschooling Curriculum Penmanship History Science English Foreign Languages Music Physical Education Math Principles Skills Art Ca Minimum Requirements Online Homeschooling resources

3.3. Better Principles and Values

3.3.1. Love

3.3.2. Resolutions for Life Purpose The purpose of life is to glorify God and we each have unique gifts and talents that we can use to serve others today. Character Honoring your word without fear of the consequences Attitude Never whine, complain, or make excuses. Instead; give gratitude to God. Vision Align your conscious thought with your subconscious Plan Do Once a purpose is defined; action is simple. What do you want? What does it take? Do it everyday. Scoreboard Success comes down to how quickly we confront and change our negatives. Identify a goal, find out what it takes to achieve it, do baby steps Friendship Search for and find friends that share your passions. Always encourage them to be their very best. Finance We have a biblical responsibility to earn as much as possible in integrity; so that we can utilize our resources towards achieving our purpose Leadership Leaders use principles to build their character, task management skills, and relationships, in order to create an objective and structure that people follow and duplicate Conflict Resolution Quickly confront conflict by affirming the purpose for the relationship and seeking reconciliation Systems A system consists of the whole, the individuals, and the connections between individuals. Learn to recognize a system as any series of interconnected events or things that yield a certain result; then influence their leverage points to get your desired result. Adversity Quotient Adversity Quotient is the ability to endure pain on the path towards purpose and it is developed by learning the relationships between the resolutions Legacy Leadership legacy is to live the 13 resolutions and help others learn and share the resolutions with future generations. Ultimately the best legacy one can leave is a community of high trust relationships that systematically spreads the gospel through Biblical principles. This is the only result that multiplies through leverage and truly lasts forever.

3.3.3. The five tool teen Teach your child to think based on principles Demonstrate the habit of financial wisdom Constantly work towards improving people skills Personality Love language Learning style E.Q I.Q. Body, mind, spirit Teach your child to be an "influencer" vs an "influencee" It's good to swim upstream It's good to be different Everyone should be blessed to learn this cycle at an early age: Dream Struggle Victory

3.3.4. Purpose/Intention/Why

3.3.5. Excellence/Kaizen/Personal Best

3.3.6. Love/Encouragement/Service to others/Glory to God

3.3.7. Positive attitude/I can/I will until/optimism/good vibes

3.3.8. Listen/Encouragement/Gratitude/Asking questions

4. Healthy Pregnancy and Birth

4.1. Nature does it better, but medical intervention is sometimes necessary

4.1.1. The origin of modern birthing practices Missionary birthing position comes from a British King Silver Nitrate in the newborn's eyes is a gonorrhea treatment Modern Medicine views childbirth as an emergency and the mother as physically weak and improperly suited for childbirth We believe that nature is beautifully designed and a healthy female body is perfectly capable of childbirth without unnecessary intervention

4.1.2. Natural birth releases massive quantities of hormones Medicines lodge in the hormone's natural receptors thereby decreasing their efficacy

4.1.3. Vaccinations UK Dr testimony Dr Mercola Boost your confidence to say NO Vaccination Council Vaccine Liberation Network How the argument gets corrupted Germ theory info GMOs and vaccines working together for evil Harvard PHD says vaccines neither safe nor effective Emerging Viruses by Dr. Len Horowitz Dr. Hovind on vaccines Celebrities Jim Carrey Robert DeNiro JennyMcarthy Books

4.2. Baby Products needed for:

4.2.1. Healthy Skin Best clothing Best bedding Best diapers

4.2.2. Healthy Hydration breast milk Alternatives Raw milk formula Liver bone broth formula coconut milk

4.2.3. Healthy Air Quality Ecoquest air purifier Rainbow Rain Mate

4.2.4. Healthy Nutrition Glass Jars Glass Bottles Stainless steel baby bottles Silicone food trays Organic fruits and vegetables Blender

4.2.5. Healthy Brain and Central Nervous system development BellyBuds Play Mozart Mother can limit EMF exposure and wear a q-link Get plenty of sunlight and Vitamin D3 Limit doppler/sonogram/ultrasound exposure http://sarahbuckley.com/ultrasound-scans-cause-for-concern http://chriskresser.com/natural-childbirth-iib-ultrasound-not-as-safe-as-commonly-thought/

4.2.6. Midwife

4.2.7. Placenta Pills

4.2.8. Sleeping crib bassinet

4.2.9. Playing wooden toys

4.2.10. Transport Best stroller Best car seat Best harness Best Sling

4.3. Birthing Products Needed

4.3.1. Water Break squatty potty bed pads

4.3.2. Food Chocolate fondue Fruit whipped cream Sandwich tea

4.3.3. Labor Eco Birth Pool in a Box professional regular drop cloth liners Floating thermometer 50' lead free hose Submersible pump min 792 gph Receiving blankets (Organic) 2 cups food grade hydrogen peroxide http://www.budgetwater.com/well-water-system/ radiation test? well water test

4.3.4. Birth

4.3.5. Cord Clamping Chlorella

4.3.6. for baby baby clothes diapers

4.3.7. Placenta Prep and encapsulation Steamer

4.3.8. pads for postpartum

4.4. Online resources

4.4.1. comprehensive guide

4.4.2. 10 places to buy toxin free baby

4.4.3. Rachel Avalon's ideas

4.4.4. ladybug Organic stuff

4.4.5. lesstoxicguide

4.4.6. Amazon list

4.4.7. Guide

4.4.8. Sprout San Francisco

4.4.9. Find a midwife in CA

4.4.10. HypnoBabies

4.4.11. Spinning Babies

4.5. Our birth story


4.5.2. Our unassisted Birth Story (Yes, it was intentional) When I tell the story of how Melody and I brought my first son into the world by ourselves, most people are shocked and exclaim: "You delivered him?!" No, I didn't deliver him. my wife did all the hard work including catching him in the birth pool. What I did was create an atmosphere of peace and love, so that both mother and baby would feel comfortable during the process. I write this with the intention of sharing my perspective as the father.

4.6. Baby Sign Language

4.6.1. Most important Signs Eat Eat Help Change Up Bath Sleep Play Manners Please