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Stratatic plan: key factors by Mind Map: Stratatic plan: key factors
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Stratatic plan: key factors

Human rights challenges

New structures: ICC / Council

US attitude towards HR

Terrorism: HR weakened

Funding shift towards local orgs

Plethora of new NGOs

Becoming a "business" or becoming more professional?

Info / doc opportunities

Open source community

Web applications

Mobile telecommunications ++


Internet access ++

Info/Doc: growing needs

More effective web presence

Ability to produce relevant just-in-time knowledge

Need to standardize accross networks

Better security of data

Documentation centers: changing role

Info/doc: what has improved

Basic fact-finding: UKWELI, etc.

Documentation center management

Our weaknesses

Poor fundraising

Stagnating tools devt.

Weak partnerships with key actors like OHCHR

Weak outreach - marketing

Current core-funding does not cover costs

Our strengths

Increased number of communities using tools

HuriSearch: search know-how

More donors: FCO, Germans, OSI

More systematic training approach: pool, projects, tools

Much better website

Move towards e-learning

New partners: academic (IHEID)

Tools-website translations ++

Info /doc challenges

Information overload

Visibility of small players

New Strategy

Tools development