Learning English

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Learning English by Mind Map: Learning English

1. Motivation

1.1. Good Job

1.2. Free communication on any topiс

1.3. Reading books and watching movies in the original

1.4. Understanding what English songs are about

2. Grammar

2.1. Reference books

2.2. Internet resources

3. Vocabulary

3.1. Dictionaries

3.2. Listening English songs

3.3. Watching movies in English

3.4. Watching Business news

4. Practice speaking

4.1. Exchange letters on Facebook

4.2. Travelling to English speaking countries

4.3. Speaking with foreigners

4.4. Skype

5. Self-confidence

6. Culture

6.1. to be interested in English culture

6.2. to be interested in American culture

7. Links should be added here to make this map interactive