Lab Skills & Safety

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Lab Skills & Safety by Mind Map: Lab Skills & Safety

1. Formal Lab Write up

1.1. Problem -State the problem in the form of a question -What is our problem? -What are we trying to find out by doing this experiment

1.2. Hypothesis -A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation.

1.3. Variable - Identify controlled (at least 3), manipulated and responding variables

1.4. Materials -Listed in columns -Diagrams of set up

1.5. Procedure -Describe what you did during you experiment. Be sure to highlight or underline any scientific vocabulary used. -These are numbered steps. -Easy to follow and complete

1.6. Observations/Data -We saw (observed) the following while doing this experiment. -Include all tables, calculation, diagrams an graphs in this section

1.7. Conclusion - Answer the problem and WHY -Is the hypothesis right or wrong? - Based on the problem and hypothesis, complete the following sentence AFTER DOING THIS EXPERIMENT WE KNOW THAT....

2. Variables

2.1. Manipulated Variables the variable that the scientist changes or regulates ( only 1)

2.2. Responding Variable the variable that changed because of the changes in the manipulated variable Or what it is that we're looking for in the lab

2.3. Controlled Variable those variables that are held constant (minimum of 3 per experiment)

3. Observations VS. Inferences

3.1. Observations what is actually seen or observed with one or several of your 5 senses .

3.2. Inferences What you interpret or guessed from your experiment. What you have seen or a possible explanation.

4. Graphing

4.1. Remember ALL points (pencil,ruler, label axes, use full sheet, title, etc.)

5. Proper Lab Safety

5.1. WHMIS Symbols

5.2. Think Safety First

5.3. Know Emergency Resources( Fire Extinguisher, Fist Aid Kit , Broken glass Container, Eye Wash Station )

5.4. Know What Your Working With

5.5. Follow All Safety Procedures

5.6. Report Dangerous Acting or Situations

5.7. Store and Handle Hazardous Material Safety

5.8. If You Don't Know ... ASK!