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Youco by Mind Map: Youco

1. music

1.1. BoA

1.2. yui

1.3. Utada Hikaru

1.4. KT Tunstall

1.5. Maroon 5

1.6. Rihanna

2. Place to Go/stay

2.1. 大阪 [Osaka]

2.2. 東京 [Tokyo]

2.3. 倉敷 [Kurashiki in Okayama]

2.4. U.K.

2.5. 京都 [Kyoto]

3. Movie

3.1. プラダを着た悪魔 [The Devil Wears prada]

3.1.1. The story itself is so lovely! My ideal way of living Angy did.

3.1.2. Everytime I feel down, I get the power from here.

3.2. ダーク エンジェル [Dark Angel]

3.2.1. I like these type of story ( know)

3.2.2. Cool!!

4. Book

4.1. Title

4.1.1. 千里眼の瞳 Among the Senrigan series, my favourite title is this. My image of Misaki Miyuki is Kuroki Meisa.

4.1.2. ソフィーの世界 This book is really educational.

4.1.3. 守人シリーズ Especially, "闇の守り人"

4.1.4. 風に舞い上がるビニールシート warm-heartedness short stories

4.1.5. 赤を見る see widder world

4.1.6. 薔薇の名前 esoteric story cannot sleep without finishing the book

4.1.7. しゃべれどもしゃべれども warm atmosphere

4.2. Author

4.2.1. 三浦しをん especially, ハルカ・エイティ ハルカさんの生き方、リスペクト

4.2.2. ヨースタイン・ゴルデル enjoy reading with intellectulay flavor

4.2.3. 村上春樹 he has a special kind of the world

4.2.4. 松岡圭介 like a speedy action movie

4.2.5. 高橋菜穂子 the world she made is almost " the REAL WORLD"

4.2.6. 京極夏彦 trangled story is fascinating! 京極弁当箱が有名ですが、「ルーガール」もオススメ!

5. Respect

5.1. りょう

5.1.1. I like her! I have no reason why I think so.

5.2. chara

5.2.1. I respect the way of her life. I want to be strong for every aspect like her.

5.3. 松雪泰子

5.3.1. An Actress in japan. She is verrrry beautiful.

5.4. Google

5.4.1. it's not too much to say that..."they made this www world"!

5.4.2. Gmail/ Calendar/ Reader/ Search ... almost all the services are necesarry to live in the w.w.w. world

6. Devise

6.1. [PC] Windows XP

6.1.1. I can't live without PC. But I want to move to Mac :)

6.1.2. Flock Greasemonkey is the must

6.2. [Phone] Willcom SA

6.2.1. weak electromagnetic waves, so it can use in the hospital

6.3. [Music] Ipod nano

6.3.1. I think the Japanese ones are more useful.

6.4. [Camera] EXILIM Hi-ZOOM EX-V8

6.4.1. this is good

7. Web Site

7.1. [twitter]

7.2. [Vox]

8. who I am

8.1. University Student in Japan

8.1.1. Studying Sociology

8.1.2. Studying "How to Be a Japanese Teacher"

8.2. Studying English

8.2.1. Get 700 or more TOEIC score later this year

8.3. what I like

8.3.1. Reading books Go library at least once a weak

8.3.2. I LOVE 漫才!! 吉本新喜劇もスキスキ てか自分、関西人やからね。

9.  Advantages

9.1. I know much about internet and PC.

9.1.1. I am a fan of GTD & Lifehacks. I know lots methods to spend daily life happier.

9.1.2. I Know lots of non-japanese web sites to enjoy busy day.

9.2. 社会調査士の資格持ってます。 I have a licence of Social Researcher.

9.3. I can use Mac and Windows.

9.4. I can teach you 大阪弁 /Osaka diarect (Japanese) :D

9.4.1. Standard Japanese is either.

10. New node