Mobile Technology and Me

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Mobile Technology and Me by Mind Map: Mobile Technology and Me

1. My cell phone

1.1. People can get ahold of me anywhere

1.1.1. Kids' teachers can call in emergency

1.1.2. Keep in touch in caravan on vacations

1.1.3. Can keep in touch at the cabin now

1.1.4. can multi-task and get calls done while I do other things

1.2. Can text during meetings or other times I can't call

1.2.1. Rachel and I talked a lot; became good friends

1.2.2. quick way to send info

1.3. Can play music anywhere

1.3.1. use instead of stereo

1.4. Use as phonebook

1.4.1. easy and quick to get people's numbers

1.5. set reminders

1.5.1. I have students do this in class, too

1.6. calendar

1.6.1. always have Pat's work schedule so I can plan and make appointments

1.7. use as watch and calculator

1.7.1. saves room in my purse

1.7.2. don't get yelled at for not wearing a watch anymore

1.7.3. use timer in class

1.8. camera

1.8.1. can take pictures of the boys anywhere

2. laptops in classroom

2.1. kids can do research or word processing in class

2.1.1. great for workshop classes where everyone is working on something different

2.1.2. when kids ask a question, I can say, "look it up"

2.2. I don't have to schedule so much lab time

2.3. keeps some kids more engaged