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Technology Director by Mind Map: Technology Director
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Technology Director

Responsibilities Include: Administrative Liaison Provide overall supervision of personnel monitor technology initiatives evaluate staff manage fiscal budget/planning monitors eRate sumbissions

Technology Coordinator

Responsibilities Include: Monitors and advises the admins and specialists in his/her division Monitors the budget and purchases Oversee all of the dues and subscriptions Professional Development Manage the 1:1 laptop initiative 7-12 Project Headware Coordinator (works with parents and students, policy, development and implementation, software on student machines, imaging) Development and monitoring of District Technology Plan Law enforcement Liaison

Powerschool Admin

Responsibilities Include (at all building levels): Student Information System Manager (Powerschool) Provide database and data support End user support Manages storing of grades Manages server and upgrades Communicates to parents how to use and access Powerschool Builds reports Builds report cards Teacher training for PowerTeacher gradebook

Web & Database Admin

Responsibilities include: maintain and develop the Desire 2 Learn (curriculum management system) D2L integration training Staff and school website maintenance Train teachers in website development Technology Infusion Leadership Team Member (TILT)- attends meetings Maintain and set up the Tungsten (student assessment system) system Coordinate and set up the End of Course online Assessments report to Tech Coordinator any budgetary items

Staff Development Specialist

Responsibilities include: Professional development for technology integration Attends conferences and workshops outside of the district to keep abreast of the newest developments Researches best practices Observes staff in classrooms to provide formative feedback Oversees the instructional specialists

User Support Specialist

Responsibilities Include: managing/overseeing all tech repairs user support training for tech students could be a .5 teacher position, possibly the teacher who teaches an IT course communicates with Apple, Inc. on repairs that have to be sent off campus oversees computer technicians

Multimedia Specialist

Responsibilities Include: .5 teacher position; teaches the graphic design class budgets for equipment keeps track of media equipment inventory checks in/out equipment provides training for students oversees the multimedia technicians oversees the filming and lighting affects for the theater (school plays & performances)

Network Manager

Responsibilities Include: Network and Systems Engineering Lifecycle Management and Capacity Planning (monitors age of equipment) Budget Planning Primary Contact for Vendors and State Agencies Telecommunications (Phone, Cell, leased lines) Technology Liasion for Construction Tier II Support (escalated Desktop Support) Tier III Support (repair facilitation) oversees the Hardware Support Specialists  

Hardware Support Specialist (HS/MS)

Two part-time technology teachers, one .5 morning teacher and the other .5 afternoon teacher:  the half of the day they are not teaching they are the on-call hardware repair person. Responsibilities Include: making sure all hardware is working properly everywhere printers SmartBoards overhead projectors TVs Setup the TV in the lobby for basketball/volleyball games back up computer repair support help Network Manager with hardware for network maintenance  

Hardware Support Specialist (HS/MS)

Hardware Support Specialist (EL)