The structure of the UK music industry 2013

A flowchart showing the three main types of ownership in today's music industry- AS Media

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The structure of the UK music industry 2013 by Mind Map: The structure of the UK music industry 2013

1. The Big 3 major record labels (conglomerates / multi-nationals / cross media, vertical integration)

1.1. Universal

1.1.1. Took over EMI in October 2012

1.1.2. Subsidiaries include:

1.1.3. Produced The Voice

1.2. Warner

1.2.1. Subsidiaries include:

1.3. Sony

1.3.1. Subsidiaries include:

1.3.2. Produces X Factor franchise worldwide

2. The independent (or indie) record labels, who outsource their distribution via the majors, and sometimes their production and marketing (horizontal integration). Examples of some well known indies include...

2.1. XL Recordings (mainly dance). Artists include

2.1.1. Adele, Radiohead, The Prodigy

2.2. Rough Trade (alternative / rock). Artists include

2.2.1. Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Super Furry Animals

2.3. Launchpad records (grime / urban). Artists include

2.3.1. Wiley, Blizzard, Roll Deep

3. DIY Production, or self publishing artists, who produce, distribute and own rights to, their own music. Well known / interesting examples include...

3.1. The Weeknd