Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 by Mind Map: Chapter 1

1. Laughter

1.1. Goldstein's focus was when she began was not to focus on why things in the community were funny, she looked at it from an anthropoligcal point of view by analyzing the ethnographical context behing it.

1.1.1. The meanings behing humor are usually hard to understand and grapg - page 28

1.1.2. Course of "Laughing People" Bukhtin 1984 - Page 29

1.2. Emerged as a one of the organzing themes - but not central focus

1.3. Reveals the fault lines in

2. Carnival

2.1. Popular culture is allowed to broadcase their commentary , mustering all power from lowless or bad taste

2.1.1. Bad taste is embraced

2.1.2. Sub Idea 2

2.2. Bakhtin World celebrates the rituals of the folks, like carnival

2.3. Day to day carival asthetics of the popular class are viewed by the middle class and elite cultures

2.3.1. In Brazilian and other places

2.4. Celebrated all around the world

2.4.1. Various meanings come with carnival in different cultures and in historical contexts.

2.5. Showed off a sense off sex appeal, mixed with violence and messiness

2.6. How Brazilians define themselves, and show present themselves to the world.

3. Plan

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Goal 1

3.1.2. Goal 2

3.2. Rules

3.2.1. Session Rule 1

3.2.2. Session Rule 2

3.3. Define Problems

3.4. Capture Ideas

3.5. Prioritize Ideas

3.6. Define Action Points

4. Black Humor

4.1. A discourse created by the poor people and used against thewealthy classes

4.2. Comprehensible through a borad range of classes

4.3. Brazil produces it's own for of Black Humor

4.4. Getting behind the mask of Carnival - Page 58

5. Goldstein

5.1. Went to do her dissertation in Shantytown at the end of 1990.

5.1.1. Arrived around a new years party that takes places on the beaches of Rio Zona Sol. Second to Carnval Rich and poor come together to give flowers, fruits and drinks to the goddess of the sea

5.2. Attended Cornell University

5.3. She realized humor in Brazil is much more of a resistance

6. Chapter 1