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S.A.D - Single's Awareness Day - February 14th 2013 by Mind Map: S.A.D - Single's Awareness Day
- February 14th 2013
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S.A.D - Single's Awareness Day - February 14th 2013

Buy Yourself a Gift

Brunswick Slingshot Pearl Bowling Ball

Swingball Classic Tetherball Game

Mega Screen Solitaire

Giant Glass of Wine

Dance Pad

Nintendo DS

The Lone Ranger Rides

Celestron Refractor Telescope

Things to do on S.A.D

Go clubbing

wear green which is the opposite of red

Rent a tandem bicycle and cycle around by yourself

There's a high chance you'll meet a new friend

Send Your Ex Supportive Facebook Messages

“Guess which one of your cereal boxes I filled with rat poison and feces”

“Hey, I watched you sleep yesterday”

Go to a romantic movie in the cinema and laugh at all the sad scenes

Go out for dinner with all your single friends to the most romantic restaurant in town

Then go home and watch movies together

Read 'Where's Waldo' books

Send yourself a big bunch of roses to the office to puzzle coworkers

On the way home distribute the flowers to people that look like they need a pick me up to spread the joy

Go for a massage, hair cut or spa treatment

Volunteer at the hospital or retirement home

Have fun!

A dozen roses: $12 A box of chocolates: $10 A happy valentine’s day card:$2 Dinner for two: $50 Still having $74 dollars because you’re single: Priceless