Possible Future Careers

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Possible Future Careers by Mind Map: Possible Future Careers

1. highly value knowledge

2. both more external

3. Similarity

4. Good Pay

5. often had to defend people who she felt likely deserved punishment.

6. Student loan can be hard to pay off.

7. Jobs in law are very competitive, especially at higher levels.

8. The work can be pressurised and often demands long hours

9. At least 8 years of academic study

10. ENTJs want their home to be beautiful, well-furnished, and efficiently run.

11. Very unpatient and hate to repeat mistakes

12. Natural born leaders

13. Mostly focused externally

14. Executives

15. Sarbjot Signh

16. Personality type

17. Being a professor is time consuming and tiring because you have to prepare lectures for classes, prepare exams, grade class assignments, calculate grades, advise students regarding course selection, and meet with students outside class for help.

18. Have to lecture for a long time, hours usually

19. You have to deal with students problems.

20. Satisfaction that you are helping students learn.

21. become an expert in the subject you are interested in.

22. get the summer off and almost a month off around Christmas.

23. I enjoy debating issues with other people

24. Resist being controlled by people

25. Creative and Genious

26. Highly values knowledge

27. You have to keep your old clients and get new ones all the time

28. You have too work on what your clients like not on what you prefere

29. Pay differs a lot on who you work for

30. You can choose if you want to travel or not

31. There is high demand because of social media and the internet

32. Marketing is the biggest area of a bussiness

33. You have to get your name out there

34. You influence the media

35. It is a very creative job

36. Long hours

37. You can defend a innocent person

38. Branches of to other careers

39. You can change the law and society

40. Highly respected in society

41. High salary

42. Job flexibilty

43. Can be usefull in other profesions

44. You get to learn about human nature

45. Every client is a new chalenge

46. A high pay

47. Pros

48. Have too work for a long time to get your name out there

49. It pays well they get respectable income.

50. Too get a high pay you have to spend at least seven years of university

51. You have to deal with depressed patients

52. It is a highly criticized job

53. Cons

54. You have to listen to people troubles

55. Pros

56. Have to settle disputes between employees. Employees tend to dislike the boss.

57. Have to make sure workers are safe or could face charges

58. Cons

59. Pros

60. Have to make all the difficult decisions. Which can lead to stress.

61. Some employees are more valuable to the company so they get more pay.

62. Pros

63. Cons

64. Get to be professional and be clean.Work in a nice office.

65. Meet lots of great people.

66. cons

67. Have more power, because they are the boss. Get general respect

68. Pros

69. Cons

70. Marketing Personnel

71. Psychologists

72. university professor

73. Business Manager

74. Lawyer

75. Sarbjot Singh

76. Miguel Trejo

77. The Visionary

78. Miguel Trejo