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plot by Mind Map: plot

1. addiction

1.1. what is an addiction

1.2. salt addiction

1.3. sugar addiction

1.4. comparison

2. reasons

2.1. what causes the addictions

2.2. what foods cause addiction

2.3. what are the side-affects or results of the addiction

2.3.1. physical

2.3.2. mental

2.4. how to figure out if you have an addiction

2.5. who is likely to get addictions

2.5.1. race

2.5.2. weight

2.5.3. previous health conditions

3. alternatives

3.1. what to do if you have an addiction

3.2. how to prevent an addiction

3.3. foods you should eat instead

4. credits

4.1. information

4.2. images

5. Scenes pt. 1

5.1. pan around salty/sugary POPULAR foods

5.1.1. chips, monster, skittles, popcorn, nachos, ect w/ music in bg

5.2. facts/visuals about what an addiction is

5.3. facts/visuals about (individually) salt/sugar addictions and comparisons

5.4. lead into pt. 2

5.4.1. transition?

6. Scenes pt. 2

6.1. Go into detail about how an addiction happens use an animation of some sort or slide around a picture for the visual

6.2. show food that cause the addictions, including nutrition facts, nutrition labels, and what they mean

6.3. use visuals of what the side affects or results are if you get an addiction to it

6.3.1. depressed or obese people, medical/anatomy pictures, *show negative things only*

6.4. talk about how to figure out if you have an addiction INTERVIEW

6.4.1. interview with Christabel here

6.5. who is likely to get additions (i.e. thro race, weight, previous health conditions, etc..) visuals include images showing these things (get classmate for photos if possible)

6.6. Lead that into Scenes Pt. 2