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SDD Application by Mind Map: SDD
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SDD Application


A rostering application

Pros: Experience in industry, Less need for creativity in drawing, ability for use of efficient code for the roster algorithm

Cons: Lots of simple input and output that takes a lot of very simple coding

A side-scrolling game

Pros: A lot of useful algorithms that can be used.

Cons: I am not very good at creativity in terms of drawing/graphics


C++: I haven't used it before, however, industry standard.

BASIC: Very simple, have used before, however, less used in industry


Qt: Available for both Mac and PC (I am a mac user), but no GUI editor

Visual C++: both GUI and Code in one app.

CodeWarrior: no ability for in-house GUI creation.

Potential Research

Interviews in the industry: hospitality, retail

Personal Experience of rosters in my part-time job