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Education by Mind Map: Education

1. Pros of the Singapore Education System

1.1. It is based on meritocracy.

1.2. Students are able to attend school despite the difference in race, religion or language.

2. Cons of the Singapore Education System

2.1. Based on the meritocracy, all parents want their children to go to the best schools. So that this can happen, they make their children attend tuition and do extra assessment book. This causes the children a lot of stress.

2.2. There is no guarantee that everyone will receive a holistic education.

3. Pros of CCAs in Schools

3.1. It relieves stress

3.2. Exposure to new experiences

3.3. Teaches you to be creative and how to socialize

4. Cons of CCAs in Schools

4.1. Students might lose out in studying and focus more on CCA. This way the student will do badly in his/her studies.

5. Benefits of homework

5.1. Teaches time management

5.2. Helps to determine whether the student understood the lesson taught by the teachers

5.3. develops the skill of independence in the student

6. Stress faced by students

6.1. Some students find studying very stressful. Especially the exams. This is normal. Everyone goes through this stress for a positive outcome. Th students will get a good future.

7. Bullying

7.1. Students may face bullies. If they do so,they should inform their parents, teachers or a trusted adult.

7.2. A few students keep this matter to themselves. It is a wrong thing to do as the bully will take more advantage of them.

7.3. Students should not bully each other. Even teasing counts as a form of bullying in some cases. In these cases, the victim takes the teasing too seriously and will feel depressed.