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Term 3, 2009 by Mind Map: Term 3, 2009
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Term 3, 2009


Giraffes Can't Dance

NZC, Visual: Developing Ideas, Investigate and develop visual ideas in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination.

Lesson here!

WALT:, Success Criteria:

Animal masks for Russling Pages

Giraffe x 1

Cricket x 1

Lions x 6

Rhinos x 6

Warthogs x 6

Chimps x 6

Costumes for Russling Pages

African landscapes


360 VR

NZC, Listening, Reading, Viewing, Ideas, Show some understanding of ideas within, across, and beyond texts.

African folktale

African Myth/Legend

Giraffes Can't Dance

WALT:, Success Criteria (co-constructed), detailed pictures, colour used to add interest, invisible joins/seams, pictures use info from the story, clear easily understood pictures, Understand and communicate ideas.


inferential comp

through inquiry/research projects


African country

Present as podcast?

Key Questions/Focus Areas, People, Geography, Economy, History, Flora and Fauna

African animal

Initial Activity, YouTube movie of chosen animal, JQuiz, WALT: Understand and communicate ideas, Success Criteria (co-constructed), clear video, a range of easy and hard questions, a video with good info we can understand, clearly written questions, correct punctuation, spelling & grammar, sensible use of colours

Research, Key Questions/Focus Areas, Classification, Description, Environment, Life

Student choice for how learning is presented digitally, Keynote, Podcast, Brochure, Animation, iWeb, Poster, Hot Potatoes, etc.



Subtraction: Week 1-3

Fractions/Proportions: Weeks 4-6

Geometry: Weeks 7 - 10, Logo


Winter Sports, Basketball, Soccer, Ripper rugby

Dance, NZC, Dance: Communicating and Interpreting, Prepare and share dance movement individually and in pairs or groups., Russling Pages/Giraffes Can't Dance, Scottish Reel, Cha-cha, Rock 'n Roll, Tango, Waltz

Written Language




Giraffes Can't Dance, From the perspective of a character, e.g. a lion, e.g. the cricket, e.g. a rhino, e.g. a chimpanzee, e.g. an elephant


Character descriptions

Giraffe's Can't Dance, Gerald

Unit Plan (adapted from), and here, Character analysis mind map (PDF)

Exemplars, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

WALT:, Success Criteria (co-constructed), Write descriptively

NZC, Speaking, Writing, Presenting, Language features, Use language features appropriately, showing some understanding of their effects., Structure, Organise texts, using a range of structures., Ideas, Select, form, and express ideas on a range of topics.