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The Digital Divide by Mind Map: The Digital Divide
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The Digital Divide

Items in blue are exam board headings

Factors creating the divide

The links under 'impact of the divide' are mostly also relevant to this section. Impacts and causes are often discussed together.



hardware (see reports and stats)

no internet access

income vs broadband


price and other factors discussed


the gender gap


pre conceived ideas


rural areas face widening divide

the global picture

internet geography

broadband map of the UK

world broadband map

fear of technology

lack of training

lack of opportunity

lack of motivation

society issues

government innefective

role models (not present)

education and training

facts and figures

main factors summarised

Impact of the divide


counting the cost - story

lack of digital skills - story


Impact on society can be draw from all areas of the mind map. In particular it is important to identify groups of people for who the impact will be 'worst' as well as the overall impact

elderly left behind

poverty trap


digital exclusion

libraries closing

importance of access

educational disadvantage

award winners


impact on language


report on Nigeria (see negatives)

effect on local custom

endangered local tradition

global problem

The extent of the divide

Statistics, facts and figures

family spending

key stats

'divide widening' article

gender divide in ICT

gender divide story

Measures being taken

are they working?

the benefit

why close the gap?

UK online centers

social care story

e-learning foundation (education)


olympic legacy

volunteer schemes

recruiting from dissadvantaged aeras

CEPIS - promoting ICT use in europe

enocuraging women in ICT

women and

computers for pupils programme

e skills uk

cloud computing


What else can be done?

What is the 'Digital Divide'?

Some quick facts

the global issue

background reading



this is a good website!!!

Social Networking


keep in touch with friends...


too much time spent on the computer!