Richard Robinson

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Richard Robinson by Mind Map: Richard Robinson

1. About Richard (Overview, biog, downloadable CV)

1.1. Passionate about People (I'm a human being)

1.2. Passionate about Politics (I have policy depth and experience)

1.3. Campaigning to Win (I'm a Labour man through and through)

1.4. Contact Me (Web Form)

2. Working in Broxtowe (Overview of your work in the ward)

2.1. Getting things done (growing list of short articles on stuff you're doing)

2.2. Your Voice at Town Hall (maybe some short monthly full council reports)

2.3. Keeping in Touch (News Updates articles and constituent's feedback form)

3. Fighting for XXXXX

3.1. Decide on this structure if you end up going for a constituency and keep this group hidden for now

4. Blog (any written content, photos, etc can go in, lots of short articles)

4.1. May 2009

4.2. June 2009

4.3. July 2009 etc