AAA Organization 20th Anniversary Celebrations

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AAA Organization 20th Anniversary Celebrations by Mind Map: AAA Organization 20th Anniversary Celebrations

1. Finance

1.1. Budjet

1.1.1. Max $500k try to lower Lucky Draw Present Communications Expenses Venues Venues Rent expenses Decoration Expenses Catering expenses

1.2. Sponsor

1.2.1. Souvenir Sponsorship by ABC Company Advertising effectiveness

1.2.2. Lucky Draw present by Top Managements

1.2.3. Event Equipment Sopsorship by XYZ Event Company

2. Staffing arrangements

2.1. Event Controller

2.1.1. Prepare all related to event Venues Communications (Internal)

2.1.2. Staffing Contoller on Event day (Event Helper)

2.1.3. Return all equipment to Organization / Sopsorship company

2.2. On event Day

2.2.1. Master of ceremonies

2.2.2. Cameraman

2.2.3. Event helper

2.3. Before the Event

2.3.1. Prepare Performance

3. Communications

3.1. Post Invitation Letter and Contact all Guests (External)

3.2. Internal Communicatons

3.2.1. E-mail to all Members

3.2.2. Event Poster for Internal Notice

3.2.3. Post the Event Information on Official’s Website

4. Venues

4.1. Place selection

4.1.1. Consider: Guests go to Venues

4.1.2. Consider: Budjet

4.1.3. Consider is it Suitable for Event Topic

4.2. Venues Booking

4.2.1. Date and time (Must not be changed)

4.3. Decoration

4.3.1. Tables Flowers

4.3.2. Floor Flowers Balloon

4.3.3. Equipment TV DVD Player Spot Light Cam with stand Sound System

5. Event Content

5.1. Take pictures

5.2. Before the Event Start

5.2.1. Guest Book

5.3. In between the Event

5.3.1. Opening Speech: Director

5.3.2. Singer and Dance performance

5.3.3. Catering Service

5.3.4. Lucky Draw