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Belief and Opinion August 2nd, 2009 by Mind Map: Belief and Opinion
August 2nd, 2009
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Belief and Opinion August 2nd, 2009



very strong feeling that you are right

to make someone feel certain that something is true., convince sb that, The experience convinced him that Europe was on the brink of a revolution., to be convinced that, I was convinced that we were doing the right thing, sb or sth convince sb of sth, You'll need to convince them of your enthusiasm for the job

persuade someone to do something, convince sb to do sth, he convinced her to go ahead


Used for very firm beliefs

to have a particular opinion or belief, be widely/generally/commonly held, This view is not widely held., be held to be sth, She was held to be one of the most talented actors of her time., hold that, The judge held that the child's interests in this case must come first.



to strongly express your belief that something is true., maintain (that), Critics maintain that these reforms will lead to a decline in educational standards.


strongly personal opinion

to have a particular opinion, especially one that is based on your feelings, not on facts., feel (that), Some of the parents felt the school wasn't doing enough about bullying., feel about, How would you feel about working with Nicole for a while?, feel sure/certain, She felt sure she'd made the right decision


I suppose, used to say you think something is true, although you are uncertain about it, I suppose (that), I suppose you're right., used when agreeing to let someone do something, especially when you do not really want to., I suppose so, 'Can we come with you?' 'Oh, I suppose so .', used when saying in an angry way that you expect something is true., I suppose (that), I suppose you thought you were being clever!, used to say that you think that something is probably true, although you wish it was not and hope someone will tell you it is not, I suppose (that), I suppose it's too late to apply for that job now., used when guessing that something is true, She looked about 50, I suppose.

I don't suppose (that), used to ask a question in an indirect way, especially if you think the answer will be 'no', I don't suppose you have any idea where my address book is, do you?, used to ask for something in a very polite way., I don't suppose you'd give me a lift to the station?, used to say that you think it is unlikely something will happen, I don't suppose I'll ever see her again.


doubt (v), to think that something may not be true or that it is unlikely, doubt something, There seems no reason to doubt her story, doubt that, I doubt we'll ever see him again., doubt whether/if, I doubt whether / if the new one will be any better, to not trust sb/sth; to not believe sb, doubt sb/sth, I had no reason to doubt him., doubt whether/if, I doubt whether / if the new one will be any better

doubt (n), a feeling of being not sure whether something is true or right, doubt about, Elizabeth had no doubts at all about his ability to do the job., doubt as to whether/what etc, Some government ministers had serious doubts as to whether the policy would work., no doubt, used when you are saying that you think something is probably true, She was a top student, no doubt about it (=it is certainly true), be in doubt, if something is in doubt, it may not happen, continue, exist, or be true, The future of the peace talks is in doubt., beyond doubt, if something is beyond doubt, it is completely certain, The prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the crime.


to think that something is probably true, especially something bad, suspect (that), She strongly suspected he was lying to her.

to think that something bad has happened or is happening, The doctors suspected pneumonia., suspect murder/foul play, The position of the body led the police to suspect murder., suspect sth/nothing/anything, He never suspected anything.

to think that someone is probably guilty of a crime, suspect sb of (doing) sth, He's suspected of murder

Phrases for expressing opinion

In my opinion/In my view

In my view / In my opinion we haven't made any progress

to my mind

She's made a big mistake, to my mind

If you ask me


If you ask me, he ought to change his job

From sb's point of view

From a teacher's point of view, the new examinations are a disaster.

Prepositions used with belief and opinion words

view on

What are your views on divorce?

think of

What do you think of the new boss?

believe in

Do you believe in god?

in favor of/ opposed to

I'm in favor of / opposed to long prison sentences.



form of government, monarchy, Constitutional monarchy, the abolition of monarchy, democracy, The People's democracy, Parliamentary democracy, Social democracy, republic, The Federal republic, The People's republic, The People's democratic republic, theocracy, An Islam theocratic system, theocratic rule, religious leader, priest, feudalism, the feudal system, feudal society

economic system, socialism, scientific socialism, socialist economy, socialist party, communism, marxism, marxist theory / doctrine / ideology, marxist perspective, communist party, communist regime, capitalism, capitalist economy, fascism, fascist regime, fascist ideology

political spectrum, Left-wing, leftism, communism, liberalism, centrism, Right-wing, rightism, Conservative, fascism, capitalism, right-wing opinions / policies / views



epistemology, skepticism, truth <-> belief <-> justification

ethics /moral philosophy, normative ethics, applied ethics

political philosophy, individuals <-> communitys, justice, the good, law, property, the rights and the obligations, citizen

aesthetics, beauty, art, enjoyment, sensory-emotional values / perception, taste and sentiment

logic, premises -> conclusions

philosophy of mind

philosophy of language

philosophy of religion


religious, types, Christianity, Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Priest, Clergy, Priest, Minister, Eastern Orthodoxy, Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodoxy, Protestantism, a protestant, Protestant church, The Bible, The Old Testament, The New Testament, Jesus Christ, The Prophet, Apostle, Christian (n, adj), Islam, The Koran, Muslim country, Supreme leader, The islamic Prophet Mohammed, Islamic law, islamist, Islamist terrorist, muslim (n, adj), Buddhism, a devout buddhism, buddhist monk/nun/priest, buddhist ceremony, buddhist temple/pagoda, buddhist (n, adj), the way to end suffering is by overcoming your desires., Hinduism, Atheism, Judaism, jewish religion

moral, pacifist



fanatic (n), =Extremist someone who has extreme political or religious ideas and is often dangerous, a religious fanatic, =Enthusiast someone who likes a particular thing or activity very much, a fitness fanatic

fanatic (n) - fanatical (adj) - fanatically (adv)


thinking or worrying about something all the time, so that you do not think about other things enough - used to show disapproval, an obsessive concern with cleanliness and order, obsessive about (doing) sth, Williams is obsessive about motor racing

obsessive (n) - obsessive (adj) - obsessively (adv)


considered by other people to be strange or unusual, eccentric behaviour / clothes, His eccentric behaviour lost him his job.

eccentric (n), someone who behaves in a way that is different from what is usual or socially accepted, Most people considered him a harmless eccentric

eccentric (n) - eccentric (adj) - eccentrically (adv)


different from what is normal or expected, especially in a way that you disapprove of or cannot understand, It was an odd thing to say, it is/seems odd (that), It seemed odd that he wanted a picture of me

oddness (n) - odd (adj) - oddly (adv)


opposed to great or sudden social change; showing that you prefer traditional styles and values, conservative views / tastes, the conservative views of his parents, music which is accessible to an audience with extremely conservative tastes

(of an estimate) lower than what is probably the real amount or number, a conservative estimate/guess, At a conservative estimate, he'll be earning £40 000 conservatively (adv)

conservative(n) - conservative (adj) - conservatively (adv)


being part of the traditions of a country or group of people, traditional Italian cooking, it is traditional (for sb) to do sth, It is traditional not to eat meat on Good Friday

following ideas and methods that have existed for a long time, rather than doing anything new or different, a traditional view, traditional family values

tradition(n) - traditional (adj) - conservatively (adv)

middle of the road

Pursuing a course of action midway between extremes, especially following a course in politics that is neither liberal nor conservative

middle of the roader = centrist = moderate = moderationist, a person who takes a position in the political center


radical ideas are very new and different, and are against what most people think or believe, a radical idea/ view / approach, I was shocked by her radical views

a radical change or difference is very big and important, a radical change / difference, a radical reform of the tax system

radical(n) - radical (adj) - radically (adv)


involving a great or complete change, revolutionary breakthrough / idea / concept, I was shocked by her radical views

Revolutionary activities, organizations, or people have the aim of causing a political revolution, a revolutionary leader / movement / uprising, the Cuban revolutionary leader, Jose Marti.

revolutionary (n), a person who starts or supports a revolution, especially a political one, socialist / student revolutionaries


working hard at sth because it is very important to you, dedicated to sth, She is dedicated to her job., a dedicated and thoughtful teacher

dedicate(v), to give all your attention and effort to one particular thing, dedicate yourself/your life to sth, to dedicate one's life to the cause of national liberation, to say at the beginning of a book or film, or before a piece of music, that it has been written, made, or performed for someone that you love or respect, dedicate sth to sb, This book is dedicated to my parents., to use a place, time, money etc only for a particular purpose, dedicate sth to/for sth, The company dedicated $50,000 for the study.

dedicate(v) - dedicated (adj) - dedication(n)


not likely to change, firm beliefs / conclusions / convictions / principles, a firm believer in socialism, a firm agreement / date / decision / promise, a firm favourite with, a firm offer (=offered to pay a particular amount) on, firm friends (=close friends)


strong emotions, opinions, beliefs etc are ones that you feel or believe a lot and are very serious about, a strong sense of, He had a strong sense of responsibility to his vocation of preaching, strong support for / opposition to the government, strong feelings/views/opinions, Many people have strong feelings about the issue