Write a Blog Post

Short guideline how to write an interesting blog post

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Write a Blog Post by Mind Map: Write a Blog Post

1. Create a Title

1.1. Should be something eye-chatching and new

1.2. Should make your readers get curious

1.3. Short + precise= a awesome blog post

1.4. "How to make a website"

2. 3. Content

2.1. Everything except the lottery

2.2. Content should fit to your blog

2.3. "There are many websites from many catergories all over the world!!!

3. 4. Create an end

3.1. Leave it open

3.2. Ask your readers a question

3.3. Short summary, KISS= Keep It Simple and Stupid

3.4. Tell your opinion

3.5. "A website is created for different uses, not for anything disgusting."

4. 5. Decorate

4.1. Add picture/link

4.1.1. Makes content easier to read

4.1.2. Add an eyecatcher an interesting website

4.2. Correction

4.2.1. of grammar / spelling

5. 2. Language

5.1. Talk to your readers, make conversation

5.2. When you talk on a blog post it's more worldwide than custom. So use a chat tab to talk in your own language with yor friends!

5.3. "Find a website that makes websites. Fish out that $$$ and start designing the background!