Imperialism and Its Effects

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Imperialism and Its Effects by Mind Map: Imperialism and Its Effects

1. Architecture

1.1. The style of the architecture went from Neoclassical into more complex and Modern architecture.

1.2. The style of the buildings became a lot less organic in look and feel.

2. Environment

2.1. Longlasting battle between forest preservation and land expansion was imminent in imperialism and colonization.

2.2. Animals who were predators were soon gotten rid of, leaving more herbivores to stick around until they too were killed, but for sport.

3. Labor

3.1. Went from handmade and traditional to a factory-run production method.

3.2. Change in cultural tradition via labor was very imminent

4. Daily Life

4.1. Imperialism took away the culture and assimilated the children so they acted with a culture similar to the country that colonized them.

4.2. The new generations couldn't even speak the languages that had originated in the regions they were living in because the colony was so westernized.

5. Warfare

5.1. Asian warfare went from fighting with swords to fighting in a more European-like fashion with guns and camouflage.

6. Population (sovereignty)

6.1. European powers control all of Austraila, most of Africa and Polynesia, and a decently sized chunk of Asia and the Americas.

6.2. Great Britain had a majority of the colonies while France and the Netherlands held some of the,/ Belgium and Germany also owned a little bit of land as well.

7. Cities

7.1. The land went from unarable and rocky to well-paved and modern in just a couple decades.

7.2. Populations became more dense in these areas because that's where all the work in the factories and stuff was.

7.3. The streets were lined with tenements and homes like those found in Europe.

8. ALSO, there was extreme famine wide spread across the colonies, because the land was used for things called cash crops. These cash crops became the main focus for the land, so often families that survived on the food they grew now had to live off nothing because they instead had to work at these factorie that just made things for the big countries and no one else.