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Topic types by Mind Map: Topic types

1. Making an argument (MA)

1.1. hypothetical situation

1.1.1. What needs to be done

1.1.2. Make a choice

1.1.3. Support your hypothesis

1.2. topic is usually written in the future or conditional tense

1.3. Keywords and phrases

1.3.1. if...

1.3.2. How....

1.3.3. In your opinion...

1.3.4. If you could change (something), what would you change?

1.3.5. What is the best way to (do something)?

1.3.6. What should be the main focus?

1.3.7. Which of the following should you do?

1.3.8. Which of the following is most important to you?

1.3.9. What would you give to help someone?

1.3.10. How would you do something?

1.3.11. How would you do something/choose between two things?

1.3.12. How will (something) affect (something else)?

2. Agreeing and disagreeing (AD)

2.1. State an opinion

2.2. Defend your point of view <- give your reason

2.3. Keywords and phrases

2.3.1. Do you agree or disagree...?

2.3.2. Do you support or oppose...?

2.3.3. In your opinion which is most effective?

2.3.4. Why or why not?

3. Stating a preference (PR)

3.1. Must discuss both sides of an issue

3.2. Compare and contrast both sides

3.3. give the pros and cons

3.4. The advantages and disadvantages of something

3.5. State your own personal preference and give your reasons to support your choice.

3.6. Keywords and phrases

3.6.1. Some do this; Others do that

3.6.2. Some say this, others say that

3.6.3. Which opinion do you agree with?

3.6.4. In your opinion, which is better?

3.6.5. Which would you prefer?

3.6.6. Would you prefer to...?

3.6.7. Compare these advantages and disadvantages

3.6.8. Compare these views?

3.6.9. Which viewpoint do you agree with?

3.6.10. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages

3.6.11. Which is best for you?

3.6.12. Compare these attitudes?

3.6.13. How is (something) is different from (another thing)?

4. Giving an explanation (EX)

4.1. Describe what something is

4.2. How it happened?

4.3. Why it occurs?

4.4. How it is different?

4.5. Why something is good or bad?

4.6. Establish criteria and use those criteria to make a judgement

4.7. Keywords and phrases

4.7.1. Describe...

4.7.2. Explain...

4.7.3. What do you consider most important: (list)?

4.7.4. What have you learned by (doing something)?

4.7.5. Why do you think (something happens)?

4.7.6. What are the qualities of (something)?

4.7.7. Choose an event and tell why you enjoyed it?

4.7.8. How has (something) changed?

4.7.9. Why is something important?

4.7.10. How does something affect something else?

4.7.11. How something is different?