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Cyberwellness (QED527 TG35) by Mind Map: Cyberwellness (QED527 TG35)
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Cyberwellness (QED527 TG35)

School - teachers

When students are using computers in the class/labs, it is essential for teachers to walk around to observe that students are on the right track and are focused on task and not viewing prohibited websites. If a student is caught, it's important to counsel the student about using cyberspace in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Filtering system for parental control

But, can't some filtering systems be turned off easily by others? How do we go about the problem then? There is a passwork locking system available?



Privacy and human rights

Cyber gaming

Cyber stalking


Online child pornography


Online Slandering through blogs


Internet integrity (information)

Online dating

Why we need it

To educate the students the proper etiquette of using the internet

Social responsibility

Protect individuals from harm

To maximize the potential of cyberspace

The progress to a technology enhanced lifestyle makes it inevitable for us to ignore this area of potential threat.


target group

YouTube as an educational tool as well as entertainment


refers to the positive well-being of Internet users

Safe and responsible use

involves an understanding of risks of harmful online behaviours

involves an awareness of how to protect oneself and other Internet users

Showing respect for self and other users.

Online security

General Statistics

Statistic on Pornography

Statistic on Addiction

Statistics on Singaporeans' aware of cyberwellness