Pleasantville (1998)

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Pleasantville (1998) by Mind Map: Pleasantville (1998)

1. For those of you going to college next year, the chance of finding a good job will actually decreased by the time you graduate. The available number of entry jobs will drop 31 percent over the next 4 years. Median income for those jobs will go down as well. Obviously, my friends, it's a competitive world.

1.1. jobs

1.2. economy

2. In fact, by the year 2000, the chance of contracting HIV from a non-monogamous lifestyle will climb to 1 in 150. The odds of dying in an auto accident are only 1 in 2500.

2.1. HIV

2.2. non-monogamous

2.3. health

3. By the time you're 30 years old, average global temperature will have risen two and a half degrees causing such catastrophic consequences as typhoons, floods, widespread drought, and famine. OK, who can tell me what famine is?

3.1. ozone depletion

3.2. typhoons

3.3. floods

3.4. drought

3.5. famine

3.6. environment