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Fast Track Curation Success Blueprint by Mind Map: Fast Track Curation Success Blueprint
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Fast Track Curation Success Blueprint

1. Foundation

Idea (niche or topic)


2. Implementation

domain name

Web Hosting

Platform: Wordpress

Statistics Tracking

SERPs tracking

Opt-in FREE Offer

4. Promotion

Social sharing

Video Marketing - create short videos and syndicate them


Paid Traffic

3. Curation

fun and easy with ICC Pro, VIC Pro, VVC Pro

Recent News Stories

Existing Websites

Public Domain Images

Memes we make ourselves!

Videos publicly available

Our own videos!

Curate a new story each day using curation rules for your keywords, adding your own value

Promote each new blog post by bookmarking it on facebook and Twitter (easy to do with our software)

Each new post is also automatically pinged to more than 100 ping servers using our list

6. Monetization

Email List Building

Products offered on site

5. Evaluation

Statistics Tracking

SERPs Tracking

7. More Evaluation






8. Curation / Promotion / Evalution / Monetization

Continue curation daily

continue promotion daily

continue evaluation daily