Faithful elephants

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Faithful elephants by Mind Map: Faithful elephants

1. Can authors have a positive change. Why

1.1. yes absolutely becasue they have the power of the pin in their hands. they have the power to change the world in their stories.

2. What is the power of the pen

2.1. The power of the pen is that of those who use the pen for good or evil and its up to them to realize which of them do they use

3. Do authors have power

3.1. Yes they have powers but its up to them to use it for good or evil/bad

4. Theme

5. I would be very upset that I was still working in the zoo where I helped kill some animals because of war

6. I may feel grief for killing those animals

7. I don't know if I would be sad

8. Those are some smart elephants

9. I wonder how did the speaker of his little story survive the war

10. Those really are some smart elephants

11. Why was the war going on any way

12. Reactions

13. The zoo keepers put poisoned and good potatoes all in one batch.

13.1. The elephant was smart enough to think okay wow they tried to inject poison in to me now they are trying to kill me with what I love the best which is my potatoes

14. If cages were broken and wild animals ran wild around the city...

14.1. If wild animals were to run around the city then there would be ravished bodies every where. now think of the wild animals and the war all at once that's disturbing to watch listen or feel.

15. Bombs were dropped on Tokyo like falling rain

15.1. Bombs were dropped lots at a time if you think about rain and how many drop each second that's how the bombs were. I know it's a simile but that's a lot.

16. Not many notice this monument for the animals that have died a the zoo

16.1. There is a great story that lies within this monument if people were to come and see then people may know more about the store.

17. Pedastool

17.1. The pedastool resembles the place where the elephants stood to per form and where they was shown to be watched.

18. Important statements

19. Wars still stands

20. Monument

20.1. This monument was a symbol of the smart elephants that once lived in the zoo John,tony,and wanly

21. Symbols and their meaning

22. Words and phrases

23. Sad zoo keepers

24. All animals are dead

25. Two more elephants die of starvation

26. One elephant gets starved to death

27. Animals are forced to die

28. Zoo keepers

29. War

30. Smart elephants

31. does a person with personal or individual power have the right to use it for evil? explain

31.1. yes they have a right but they should not use the right to evil. the reason they do have the right is because of the people in this world that abuse their power.

32. characters

33. do any of the characters display the trait of honesty?

33.1. yes they do the zoo owner tells the zoo keepers that they have to kil all the animals in the zoo and they did

34. where you suprised by the actions of any of the character?how?

34.1. yes i really was when the elephants knew what was going on and they tried their best to avoid death.

35. describe a decision or choice made by one of the characters?do you agree?

35.1. the zoo keepers followed the orders of killing the animals in the zoo. yes i do because if all the animals were to run wild in the city then there would be lots of trouble.

36. who is the protagonists of the book?how do you know?

36.1. the protagonists of the book were the three elephants. they had a tombstone in the book and a man who worked at the zoo told a story about the elephants.