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Islam by Mind Map: Islam
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The Mosque is the Islamic place of worship

Prayer is the Islamic pillar for Sawm

It is furfilling duty toward God

The main point of Muslim prayer is a peaceful submission, communicating with Allah using Arabic

Before prayer, wudu must be carried out

A du'a is a type of prayer. It is a personal and private prayer and it is also quicker. It can be spoken in any language whereas Salah is a sequence that is time consuming

Salah can happen anywhere, it can take place at a Mosque or a home but wudu and a prayer mat must me used


Muslims believe in one God

The Five Pillars of Islam

Prophet Muhammed




99 names for God

Pray mat is positioned toward Meccah

Judgement day

Prayer 5 times a day

The Qur'an

The Qur'an is extremely important to Muslim's as it contains the holy scriptures given by the Prophet Muhammed

The Qur'an is treated with respect as you must perform a special washing routine before touching it and also it must me kept above people's feet

The Qur'an contains stories that tell Muslims how to live their life's the right way

The angel Jibril visited Muhammed to bring him the word of God

God teaches mankind through the written words 'He who taught (the use of) the pen - taught man that which He knew not

The Qur'an teaches belief in God (Shahadah), asking for forgiveness, offering prayer (Salah), assisting others (Zakat), rejecting cheat, the love of wealth; Sawn and Hajj

The Qur'an names 25 prophets

Prophet Muhammed

Prophet Muhammed is very important in Islam and is highly respected by all Muslims

Prophet Muhammed was the last ever prophet and delivered Allah's message to humans

He was a descendant from the Prophet Ismail

His first wife was called Khadija

Prophet Muhammed couldn't read or write but one day the angel Jibril came and commanded him to read. He was told 3 times before he could read and then he was given the revelation. He was given the message of God and it was his duty to deliver it to the people

Prophet Muhammed taught people in Meccah about Allah even though he was at risk as people worshipped idols then