Uncanny (adj.)

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Uncanny (adj.) by Mind Map: Uncanny (adj.)

1. Synonynms

1.1. exceptional

1.2. queer

1.3. astonishing

1.4. supernormal

1.5. miraculous

2. Definition

2.1. Strange and mysterious, especially in an unsettling way

2.2. Being beyond what is normal or expected

3. Other Forms

3.1. Uncannily (adverb)

3.1.1. He answered the question, so uncannily, it sounded straight from a text book.

3.2. Uncanniness (noun)

3.2.1. Her uncanniness left everyone questioning the teachers choice in putting her in a basic skills class, when she was clearly beyond that.

4. Antonyms

4.1. usual

4.2. common

4.3. earthly

5. Examples

5.1. Uncanny Egg

5.2. Uncanny Performers