nondescript (adj)

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nondescript (adj) by Mind Map: nondescript (adj)

1. Antonyms

1.1. Describable

1.2. Destinguished

1.3. Remarkable

2. Other Forms

2.1. Nondescript (noun)

2.1.1. On picture day, the photographer ran pictures of distinctive looking people more often than of people with a nondescript appearance.

2.2. Nondescriptly

2.2.1. The teacher reported that the student's essay was nondescriptly bad, that as soon as the student read the first paragraph, the teacher gave him a C+.

3. Examples

3.1. Computer cannot recognize an item

3.2. Secret CIA document Unclassified

4. Synonyms

4.1. not recognized

4.2. indefinite

4.3. unclassified

5. Definition

5.1. of no recognized, definite, or particular type or kind