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Cloud Solutions by Mind Map: Cloud Solutions

1. 7. Training

1.1. a. Product and Provider: Nefsis, Nefsis Multipont Video ( )

1.2. b, Key Functionality: Higher performance, lower cost, and easier to expand. Effective online training and rich collaborative learning environments.

1.3. c. Business Advantage: Build a digital library of sessions for future on-demand access. Evaluate training effectiveness with integrated testing and polling. Create a compelling learning environment with high-definition video (up to 720p),integrated

2. 6. Sales Mobility

2.1. a. Product and Provider: SAP, SAP Sales OnDemand (

2.2. b. Key Functionality: Collaboration with team members, easy-to-use, work with mobile devices

2.3. c. Business Advantage: You get contextual, real-time customer information and sales insight to help you make decisions quickly. Enables instant, efficient collaboration with your team members and extended sales community. Supports a wide range of mobile devices

3. 1. Email and Instant Messaging

3.1. a. Product and Provider: Intermedia, Microsoft Lync Secure Instant Messaging ( )

3.2. b. Key Functionality: Instant messaging, voice chat, video chat, meetings and shared whiteboard sessions right from PC.

3.3. c. Business Advantage: Employees can chat in real-time with colleagues and coworkers, no matter where they are, integrated with Outlook and OWA, Conversations are secure and private.

4. 2. Collaboration and Documents

4.1. a. Product and Provider: Alfresco, Alfresco in the Cloud ( )

4.2. b. Key Functionality: Sharing and collaborating with your colleagues, staying organized even with multiple versions, access content from anywhere, working together.

4.3. c. Business Advantage: Easily share, organize and collaborate on your documents through with your internal team or external partners or agencies. You can revert back to an earlier version. You can keep connected to your content and participate in cloud file sharing in anywhere

5. 3. Back-up

5.1. a. Product and Provider: HP, HP Cloud Object Storage ( )

5.2. b. Key Functionality: Durable to the nth degree, reliable, scale with a click of the mouse

5.3. c. Business Advantage: Designed for ultra-high durability so datas are available for immediate retrieval. Every object is copied three times and stored in physically separated availability zones. And it’s all running on high-performance HP servers, allowing you to scale on demand right when you need it

6. 4. Sales Customer Support and Tracking

6.1. a. Product and Provider: Salesforce, (

6.2. b. Key Functionality: Work smarter. Increase loyalty, decrease costs. Social Customer Service, Knowledge

6.3. c. Business Advantage: Fully integrated with your company’s call-center telephony and back-office appsGet accurate answers faster, wherever they live. Deliver answers anywhere. Online, 24/7. With your customers posting, commenting, and validating, crowd-sourcing the best solutions will be faster

7. 5. Telecommunication Cost

7.1. a. Product and Provider: Toshiba, Toshiba’s VIPedge (

7.2. b. Key Functionality: Complete business telephone system features, voicemail with unified messaging, unified communications with presence, Instant Messaging, and call control from a PC

7.3. c. Business Advantage: Reduce capital expenditure to purchase equipment, budget telecommunication costs, facility space savings by reducing on-site telephone system equipment requirements, Eliminate the costs of system management, Eliminate costly software upgrades