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1. If Earth were the size of a baseball,

1.1. Mars would be the size of a ping pong ball

2. The diameter of Mars is 6,800 km across.

2.1. This is 53% the diameter of Earth.

3. Earth is 93 million miles from the sun,

3.1. Mars is 141 million miles from the sun

4. Mars Weather: Dust storms abound. Sometimes whole planet is obscured. Dust devils that soar higher into the atmosphere than terrestrial tornadoes and hurricane-like storms as big as Texas.

5. Mars has Two natural satellites, Phobos and Deimos, plus two sent by NASA and more on the way.

6. The tips of Mars, where surface temperatures are around 150 Kelvin, or −189.67 degrees Fahrenheit (-123.15 degrees Celsius).

6.1. Our own South Pole generally gets down to around −85 degrees Fahrenheit (−65 degrees Celsius) and our North Pole is much warmer, with lows of around −45 degrees Fahrenheit (−43 degrees Celsius).

7. Earth’s average temperature is 59 F while it’s -85 F on Mars.

8. Earth’s atmosphere is primarily Nitrogen and Oxygen,

8.1. While Mars' is primarily Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Argon.

9. Nearly 70 percent of Earth is covered with liquid water;

9.1. Mars has none

10. Both have valleys and mountains, weather and seasons, and volcanoes and ice caps

11. At 24 hours and 39 minutes, the Martian day is only a little bit longer than Earth's

12. If you weighed 100 kg on Earth,

12.1. You would weigh 38 kg on Mars.

13. Olympus Mons, a volcano of such size and scale that it’s own peak reaches above most of the Martian atmosphere.

14. Olympus Mons could not even exist on Earth; with Earth's stronger gravity field, the massive volcano would collapse under its own weight if it were here

15. Data now indicate that Mars' northern polar region may contain as much water as all that's contained on Greenland's ice sheet

16. Earth's geology is dominated by the effects of plate tectonics,

16.1. While Mars shows little plate activity. Some of Mar’s features look the same as they did billions of years ago.