Monetization of a Curated / Authority Site

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Monetization of a Curated / Authority Site by Mind Map: Monetization of a Curated / Authority Site

1. Free Offer - Opt-in

1.1. Squeeze Page

1.1.1. Free Product trial software link to upgrade to paid version link to the member subscription WD 3 license special pdf info product educate the user why they should purchase more from you links to other products/offers

1.1.2. added to email list follow-up sequence (programmed) blog traffic other offers member site coaching program webinars upgrade offers free content things you can do affiliate offers email the list anytime to drive sales/memberships your own future products to promote solo ad biz

1.2. you CAN send paid traffic.

1.2.1. Solo Ads

1.2.2. Adwords (Check first if your offer is acceptable to Google TOS

1.2.3. PPV

2. Passive Income Streams

2.1. Adsense

2.1.1. cannot send paid traffic

2.2. Amazon products

2.2.1. dependent on organic traffic

2.3. Clickbank Products

2.3.1. formula and selection criteria

2.4. Your Own Products

2.4.1. by far the easiest and most profitable My product Digital Recording Magic

2.5. other affiliate offer links

2.5.1. wso's/fso's/jvzoo