Derby2.0 (City of Derby Social Media Map)

An ongoing map of Derby City's Web2.0 activity.

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Derby2.0 (City of Derby Social Media Map) by Mind Map: Derby2.0 (City of Derby Social Media Map)

1. twitter

1.1. Derby City Council

1.1.1. derbycc

1.1.2. derbyccjobs

1.1.3. peregrinesderby

1.2. Derby Homes Ltd

1.3. Derby LIVE

1.4. Spondon

1.5. Councillors

1.5.1. Pauline Latham

1.6. Local Media

1.6.1. RAM FM Dino and Pete RAM FM News

1.6.2. Derby Evening Telegraph News Sport Entertainment

1.6.3. BBC Derby

1.7. Local

1.7.1. ActivDerby

1.7.2. EAT Derby

1.7.3. Derby Now

1.8. Council Officers

1.8.1. Personal 10+ known

1.8.2. Official derbycc derbylive derbyccjobs

1.9. Local Councils

1.9.1. Derbyshire County Council Jobs Derbyshire

1.9.2. NE Derbyshire Council

1.9.3. Bolsover District Council

1.10. Local Businesses

1.10.1. QUAD

1.10.2. Derby Wedding Venues

1.10.3. Katapult Web Design

1.10.4. Interface Derby

1.10.5. Silktide Studios

1.11. Education

1.11.1. University of Derby Student Union

1.12. Sports

1.12.1. Derby County Football Club General Sports

1.13. Local Non-Profits

1.13.1. Derby Cats Protection League

1.13.2. Derby Samaritans

1.14. Religion/Churches

1.14.1. Jubilee Church Derby

2. blogs

2.1. Derby City Council

2.1.1. Peregrine Falcons

2.1.2. Councillors Pauline Latham

2.1.3. Education Foreign Language Teaching Support Blog 1 Blog 2

2.2. Social Media Cafe

3. Websites

3.1. Derby City Council

3.1.1. Cycle Derby

3.1.2. Visit Derby

3.1.3. Locate in Derby

3.1.4. Adult Education

3.1.5. Hi4EM

3.1.6. DASH

3.1.7. Schools Arboretum Lakeside 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3.1.8. Peaceful Driving

3.1.9. Pride Park Sanctuary

3.1.10. Derby Markets

3.1.11. Trading Standards Derby

3.2. Derby LIVE

3.2.1. Assembly Rooms

3.2.2. Guildhall Theatre

3.2.3. Derby Theatre

3.2.4. Events

3.3. Derby Homes

3.3.1. interactive

3.3.2. derbykidztalk

3.4. Partnerships

3.4.1. Derby Community Safety Partnershp

3.4.2. Marketing Derby

3.4.3. Friargate Studios

3.4.4. Runaways Project

3.4.5. Cityscape

3.4.6. Cathetral Quarter

3.4.7. QUAD

3.4.8. derbyshireFRIEND Derby Goes Pink

3.5. Councillors

3.5.1. Pauline Latham

3.5.2. Derby City Council Group Conservatives

3.5.3. Ranjit Banwait

3.6. Media

3.6.1. thisisderbyshire

3.6.2. BBC Derby

3.7. Negative

3.7.1. The Derby Gripe

3.8. Misc

3.8.1. Derby

3.8.2. Derby Guide

3.8.3. Derby

3.8.4. Derby Photos

3.8.5. iDerby

3.8.6. Derby Arboretum

3.9. Public Transport

3.10. Arts

3.10.1. Déda

3.10.2. Derby Jazz

3.11. Candidates

3.11.1. Jack Perschke

3.12. Churches/Religion

3.12.1. Jubilee Church Derby

4. Video Sharing

4.1. Vimeo

4.1.1. Derby City Council

4.1.2. Derby LIVE

4.1.3. Jubilee Church Derby

4.2. YouTube

4.2.1. CaptionTube

4.2.2. Channels Derby City Council b-active Derby Peregrine Falcons Derby LIVE


4.3.1. Derby City Council

4.3.2. Derby LIVE

4.4. Viddler

4.5. Live Webcasting




5. Social Bookmarking


5.1.1. Derby LIVE

5.1.2. Derby City Council

5.1.3. Derby Homes Ltd

5.2. Digg

5.2.1. Derby City Council

5.2.2. Derby LIVE

5.3. StumbleUpon

5.3.1. Derby City Council

5.3.2. Derby LIVE

6. Aggretgators

6.1. Friendfeed

6.1.1. Derby City Council

6.1.2. Derby LIVE


6.3. Feedburner

7. RSS

7.1. Derby City Council

7.1.1. Public Transport

7.1.2. Jobs Go Public, Derby

7.1.3. b-active Derby

7.2. Derby LIVE

7.2.1. news

7.2.2. christmas shows

7.2.3. comedy

7.2.4. drama

7.2.5. musicals

7.2.6. opera

7.2.7. classical

7.3. Derby Homes

7.3.1. ?

8. Photo Sharing

8.1. Flickr

8.1.1. Derby City Council Flora and Fauna Database Peregrine Falcons Derby City Council b-active Derby

8.1.2. Derby LIVE

8.1.3. Groups Derby, UK Peregrine Falcons

9. Social Networking

9.1. Facebook

9.1.1. Issue/interest based Derby and ashamed (38) Save Moorways from Derby City Council Derby City Council is an arse!!! (47) Save Bramblebrook House (14) Save Bramblebrook House in Derby (11) Derby needs an ice rink! (165) Keep school buses in Derby my council tax pays for this service (11) petition against the derby, nottingham and leicestershire congeston charges (35) Protest against proposals for a waste facility next to our villages (258) SAVE DERBY PLAYHOUSE (31) Save Derby, East Midlands and UK jobs from Japan (93) Derby and Derbyshire Social Media Cafe (34)

9.1.2. Area/Locality based City/Network Derby (2,945) Derby's Heritage Derby Derby Network Official Group (10,818) Derby Network Derby Derby Derby Put Derby on Facebook Derby Derby (7,405) You know you're from Derby when... (11,390) Lets get All Derby FaceBook members in one group (1,118) R.I.P "David" (affectionately known as "The Derby Tramp")! NO Derby network!!!!!!!! Boo Hiss (1,523) Its called a COB!!!! Get Derby On The New Monopoly Board!!! Facebook Derby City UK (80) Sinfin Osmaston No incinerator on Sinfin Lane, Derby - our health matters! Sinfin Photo's Sinfin Together Partnership Sinfin Community School You've been Sinfin....ed !!!! Crime Watch Sinfin Darley Darley Abbey, Derby Darley Abbey (Derby) Curry Club Darley Abbey: Better than Duffield 6th Derby Guides Allestree The Woodlands, Allestree WE LIVE IN ALLESTREE ENGLAND Allestree Young Hoodlums Reformed Society 73rd (Allestree) Derby Scout Troup I spend too much time in the Markeaton, Allestree, Derby! T A B Appreciation Society Derwent Derwent Schools in Derby Oakwood Oakwood Derby Parkview Primary School, Oakwood Chaddesden chaddesden park/nursery/infants/jouniors Chaddesden, Derby The Peregrine, Chaddesden Privilidged Residents of Chaddesden Chaddesden Park Infant & Junior School Beaufort Junior School, Chaddesden, Derby The Chaddesden Arts and Culture Society Chaddesden Community Group (Roe Farm Centre) High View Technology Education Centre '95 (chaddesden) CHAD AND WHAT?! Leesbrook School Breadsall Hill Top Infant & Junior School roe farm primary school.....derby. Meadow Farm Primary School chad girls School days @ Chesapeake Community Centre Save Chaddesden's New Library Project! Spondon I Left West Park School, Spondon in 1991 Spondon School Spondon Legends Spondon, Derby west park school spondon The Moon Hotel - Spondon Spondon School - 80's 90's West Park Spondon Class of 94 Reunion West Park Spondon Class Of 93 Reunion Proposal The 'Springfield Primary School awesomeness' group WestParkers!!! Spondonites Reunite Emma's Pole Dancing Spondoners Mackworth The Mackworth Triangle Mackworth College Alumni the mackworth hotel Mackworth is my ghetto. Mackworth St. Francis Lions U11 Mickleover Mickleover, Derby Mickleover Tesco Mickleover Primary School The Robin, Mickleover Brookfield Primary School, Mickleover Vico (Vicarage) Park days, Mickleover, Derby MIckleover and district Wii Fit club THE ROYAL DERBY - OFFICIAL GROUP PASTURES SOCIAL CLUB! Abbey THE ADULT SHOP LTD DERBY 01332 331567 Littleover Midlands Co-op Travel - Littleover Littleover, Derby Littleover Dazzlers Littleover community school Reunion Class of 97 Littleover Massive THE HALFMOON LITTLEOVER Littleover Community School Littleover Methodist Church Heatherton Village, Littleover Derby Littleover School Massive Littleover Community School - 2001 Leavers! Littleover Community School - 1991 Leavers! Littleover Community School Leavers of 1993 Littleover Community School Yr '03-'08 Hollybrook Tavern Appreciation Society Carlyle Infant School Alumni Association Rhythm Arboretum I'm from Arboretum - Derby Blagreaves I'm from Blagreaves - Derby Normanton I'm from Normanton - Derby Normanton Road(derby) appreciation society St. Giles Church Normanton Normanton Juniors Crew 93 - 97 The Shimla Club Tilad Ltd PAK FOODS STORE appreciation group! Village Community School Derby (Homelands) Alvaston ALVASTON TOWN FC william sutton alvaston estate Alvaston Hall Alvaston & Boulton CC Alvaston Junior School Alvaston & Wilmorton Drinkers I'm from Alvaston - Derby Boulton Primary School - Alvaston, Derby I DID Alvaston Junior Community School (AJCS) Alvaston.....we have 3 co-ops what the [email protected]# have you got!!!?? Harvey Road Illuminations Apreciation Society Moorhead Primary School We Worked Or Drank In The Bluey we all drink/drank in the roundhouse I WORK/WORKED/DRINK IN THE LODGE ALVO! St John Fisher RC Primary School Derby Boulton I'm from Boulton - Derby Allenton United AD... Allenton Primary school Wilko's Allenton Woop Allenton, Derby.... AND PROUD!!! Im from Allenton and im proud which 1 allenton or sinfin? Allen park infant school- Allenton Derby PROUD TO BE DERBY BORN..n.. ALLENTON BRED!!! IVE WALKED THE SPIDER BRIDGE... Ive proudly drank in the mitre and think it is a respectable pub! Chellaston Shelton Lock and Proud!!!!! Chellaston Chellaston School Chellaston Bikers! I DID chellaston school! I'm from Chellaston - Derby Chellaston School. Year 11. 08' Chellaston school (year 11) 2007! Chellaston School Reunion - 10 Years on I did the Red Lion Chellaston I've drank in the Rose & Crown Chellaston I went to Chellaston School 1986-1990 Mr Dickens you will be missed but never forgotton THE POXON ARMS! (corner pin) We love the Golden Pheasant Pub!!!

9.1.3. Companies/Official Employees Old and New of Derby City Council Derby County Derby County Mega Zone Derby BBC Derby University of Derby University of Derby Students' Union

9.1.4. Misc Derby and Nottingham singles Derby Gaol Cut and Fly in Derby

9.1.5. Arts Derby Jazz Format Festival QUAD - Derby Digital Derby BrainRadio Derby Playhouse (Theatre) Assembly Rooms, Derby Derby Pole Dance Society Japanese Culture/Anime/Manga - Tokyo Otaku Shop (UK, Derby). (793) URBAN EVENTS DERBY : SEXY R&B : HIP HOP : BASHMENT : UK GARAGE : BASSLINE (677)

9.1.6. Bar/Pubs/Clubs (Central) Zanzibar Derby Barracuda Derby Varsity Derby Mosh Nightclub Derby The Royal - Derby COYOTE WILD Derby The Blue Note Derby The Venue, Derby Curzons Nightclub Derby! The Duke of York Venue

9.1.7. Charities Downs Syndrome Derby Derby and District RSPCA Shelter Derby RSPCA Cancer Research UK Derby Relay For Life (78)

9.1.8. Voluntary Groups Derby Goes Pink derbyshireFRIEND derbyshireFRIEND Derbyshire Friend Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Support Services HINDU TEMPLE - DERBY UK (5) South Africans in Derby, UK (8)

9.1.9. Derby City Council Councillors Lucy Care David Batey Paul Bayliss Harvey Jennings Joe Naitta Amar Nath? Christopher Poulter Derby Deaf Arts Officers Personal Official Employees Old and New Of Derby City Council (79)

9.1.10. Political Groups Pauline Latham for Mid-Derbyshire Mid Derbyshire & Derby Conservatives 9/11 Truth Derby Uk (9) Pages Personal

9.1.11. Derby Homes Limited Personal Over 40 Officers Official/professional

9.1.12. Applictions Council Estate Gifts

9.1.13. Religion Jubilee Church Derby (59)

9.2. Bebo

9.2.1. Derby LIVE

9.2.2. Derby City Council

9.3. MySpace

9.3.1. Derby LIVE Evolution

9.3.2. Derby City Council

9.4. LinkedIn

9.4.1. Derby City Council 80+ staff

9.4.2. Derby Homes Ltd None found

10. Music


10.1.1. Derby - United Kingdon

10.1.2. Derby - Joseph Wright

10.1.3. Mosh Derby

10.1.4. derby university - popular music and music technology

10.2. Spotify

11. Web2.0 Tools

11.1. Ning

11.2. Google

11.2.1. Maps

11.2.2. Calendar

11.2.3. Docs

11.2.4. Alerts

11.2.5. APIs

11.2.6. Groups

11.3. Yahoo

11.3.1. APIs

11.3.2. Groups

11.4. Amazon

11.4.1. APIs

11.5. Slide Share

12. Mapping

12.1. Google Maps

12.1.1. Street View

12.2. Multimap

12.2.1. New node

12.3. Derbyshire Mapping Portal

12.4. Mapquest

12.5. Ordnance Survey