archicad 11 whishlist by sityu

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archicad 11 whishlist by sityu by Mind Map: archicad 11 whishlist by sityu

1. explanations, notices

1.1. the cloured numbers show the priorities

1.1.1. highest priority

1.1.2. lowest priority

1.1.3. the priority numbers are for the actual node level at a lower level the priority numbers show the priority within the level

1.2. about me, the goals of this whishlist

1.2.1. I'm an architect with university degree

1.2.2. I've been using archicad since ~1996 at a relatively high level aside from teamwork-features I use all of the features and tools properly disclaimer: I use hungarian version, so several terms I could use differently than the english version of archicad and some misspelling can occure Now I use the version 11.0.

1.2.3. I think the archicad is a very useful tool for an architect. But I have the experience of the newer versions have the infulence of "not proper user's experience": the developers at graphisoft are building in some unnecessary new features and forget about some useful (but not correct) features. And I think that it is important to express the opinion of an experienced architect with several years of using the archicad and the knowledge of the possibilities of the software.

1.3. naturally I look forward to get any comments, opinions

2. contact, ©

2.1. Talmácsi, István

2.1.1. in english order: Istvan Talmacsi


3. additional wishes

4. general:

4.1. reducing the number of clicks

4.1.1. e.g.: the context menu rotation can be reduced

4.2. project (file) management

4.2.1. some kind of external (from archicad) software to manage the project datas automatic version control and automatic management of published files most of the things automatically generating from the archicad (whilst using the archicad) automatic logging of the plan modification client, project info management by scrolldown list

4.2.2. version control slightly pushingly than the project notes at every 'save as' and/or after 'x' amount of (main) structural changes

4.2.3. saveable favourites integrated into the project management thematic settings-collections management more user-friendly than the pure xml files also with the project management software connecting to the library management adaptive operation teachable

4.3. additional stuff

4.3.1. improvement of the web-connection I slightly see any improvement in web-publishing since the last ~8 years library elements directly from the web

4.3.2. sketching module for pda; for surveying with gdl-like data structure and/or with website integration e.g.: on-line plan synthesis commonCAD

4.4. useful pre-set templates

4.4.1. or a useful website to share

4.4.2. maybe for direct (archicad) software connection

4.5. text handling

4.5.1. outline for texts automatic white outline if text is overlapping drawing

5. bugs, misbehavings

5.1. the visualization settings can produce elements without floorplan representation

5.1.1. so in this cases some nonprinting 2d representation is needed

5.2. construction-grids on sections/elevations

5.2.1. in case of 'manual refreshing': it is not working (at all and/or properly)

5.2.2. 'drawing' and 'automatic' is ok

5.2.3. fortunately, the generated grids in 'drawing' and 'automatic' maintain good in 'manual'

5.3. lists, specifications

5.3.1. story informations in specifications the story numbers cannot be get (only the name of the story) automatic 'story+category+room number' style room-numbering (this was the initiative case: I tried to do this numbering, but I failed because of the bug)

5.3.2. more levelled subtotals on specifications list by stories AND categories with both subtotals

5.3.3. when exporting lists: the delimiting spaces maintained in the lists (the number thousand is: 1[space]000 instead of the 1000 the first is text in excel, the second is number)

5.3.4. I couldn't find the possibility of changing the units and/or format of the custom parameters of custom elements

5.4. stairmaker

5.4.1. in case of saving: the save window doesn't have active library button

5.4.2. other bugs section fills foot-pace bugs

5.4.3. whishlist custom railings

5.5. stoppable processes needed, e.g.

5.5.1. rendering

5.5.2. printing

5.6. level dimensioning

5.6.1. the preset distance is too far from the floorplan sign

5.7. extremly slow (room-)list gererating

5.7.1. twelve minutes for 60 rooms.

6. particular software operation

6.1. tool refinements

6.1.1. section/elevation conversion into each other (including the interior elevation) actually: with a simple drag'n'drop in project navigator sloping plane sections sections with broken line with angled (not parallel) secion line segments like the interior elevation

6.1.2. worksheets, details etc. generally possibility to place them everywhere (not only to the layout) no need of separation of the imported and the archicad drawings folders for the worksheets in the navigator copying the worksheet 3d in the workshhet imported drawings particular use overlapping details/worksheets lists, inventories to floorplans, or for virtual trace

6.1.3. virtual trace total visual (like the layout book) control over the settings: possibility to save the settings of the virtual trace possibility of mirroring printable virtual trace or a button to place virtual trace to layout

6.1.4. "liberations" wall tool wall tools for every editing archicad window: (not just for the floorplan) gdl script for the profile manager popssibility to adjust the wallfill's origin standalone doors/windows not just into walls

6.1.5. text elements editing start of editing: with [ctrl+enter], like the ending of the editing process (not just with mouse click into the text's area - because in case of small texts, it's hard to do) or like in freemind adaptive, scrolldown text-input aid

6.1.6. zone-stamp connecting line between the stamp and the anchor point I could do the script if I knew the anchor points' coordinates zone leaking point search a tool for finding the not connecting walls

6.1.7. layers quick layers select all elements in the layer of the selected new approach of the layers: dedicated layers workspace when changing the tool: a popup dialog to ask for the layer (with default [ok] button, to pass through quickly) explanation, principles

6.1.8. object tool tooltip-like additional infos for the parameters eg: what is the height parameter of a sink zone boundary properties for objects (for lines in 2d script) zone boundary option for the whole 2d symbol (in floorplan)

6.1.9. 'find & select' tool more options to find by, eg.: story

6.2. usability

6.2.1. automatizations automatic room names in sections like the construction grid layered structures with automatic labelling but I think I could do it with ac11 now

6.2.2. 3d fills of materials placing of the origin in the s/e windows (not just in the 3d window) custom, complex 3d fills

6.2.3. the dialogs for fills, materials this bulkload matrix is sucks (almost unusable - even with smaller amounts of fills/materials) some tree-structured dialog would be welcome

6.2.4. syntax highlighting editor for gdl scripting parameter scrolldown list (at context menu) with sintax help

6.2.5. everything should be groupable, e.g.: doors/windows at least in the same wall dimensions labels

6.3. in action

6.3.1. rendering distributed network rendering not only LAN but in http access, too above all it would be crucial to have a very good renderer inside the archicad, because: the ease of modification whilst the process of the rendering the external renderers have more troubles (even if I know pretty good external renderers)

6.3.2. export 3d direct sketchup output generally: simplified 3d model

6.3.3. import bring back the OLE object support