IoT Functional

IoT Mind Map

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IoT Functional by Mind Map: IoT Functional

1. Manage

1.1. IoT Hub

1.1.1. IoT Hub Device Registry Individual registration

1.2. Device Provisioning Service

1.2.1. Onboarding @ Scale Group Enrollment Individual Enrollment

1.2.2. Cross-region IoT Hub

1.2.3. Re-Provisioning

1.2.4. Custom Provisioning Logic

1.3. IoT Plug & Play

2. Ingress

2.1. IoT Hub

2.1.1. "Things" Standalone Devices Low Cost / Low Power / Low capacity Firmware Agent (brownfield augmentation) Azure Sphere Azure RTOS Edge Gateway (IoT Edge) Operating System Docker Containers Kubernetes AI Capabilities Partial Offline Capabilities Device Firmware / Code Connecting to Azure Authenticating to Azure

2.2. 3rd party IoT Platforms

2.2.1. High Volume Historian OSI PI GE Historian InfluxDB ...

2.2.2. Low Volume LPWAN (Remote Devices) LoraWan Sigfox NB-IoT

3. Scenarios / Cx Roles

3.1. Role

3.1.1. HW Manufacturer

3.1.2. Solution developer

3.1.3. Solution Operator

3.2. Scenario

3.2.1. Industrial Internet of Things

3.2.2. Smart Products

3.2.3. Intelligent buildings and cities

3.3. Initial condition

3.3.1. Green Field

3.3.2. Brown Field

4. Processing

4.1. Lambda Architecture

4.1.1. Data Pipeline Hot Path near Real-Time event reaction Warm Path Latency is important but not stringent Cold Path Batch Processing Long Term Archiving

4.1.2. Event Queueing / Brokers Event Grid Event Hub (kafka) Service Bus

4.1.3. Event Processing Azure Functions Azure Stream Analytics Azure Digital Twin Azure Databrick AI / ML Azure ML Cognitive Service

4.1.4. Data Services Azure Storage Azure Datalake Azure Databases (SQL / Posgres) Cosmos DB Azure Data Explorer Azure Data Factory

4.1.5. Visualization Power BI Azure Time Series Insight IoT Central Azure Maps Custom Application (Mobile / Web) 3rd party visualization (e.h. Tableau, Grafana)

5. Azure Offering

5.1. Open Source

5.1.1. Industrial IoT

5.1.2. LoraWAN Stack (LPWAN)

5.2. SaaS offering

5.2.1. Time Series Insights Visualization Layer (UI) Time Series Database Hotpath (ADX) Coldpath (Azure Datalake) Query API Layer

5.2.2. IoT Central Complete Dashboarding Solution Embedded Ingestion pipeline Device Management Command and Control

5.3. PaaS offering

5.3.1. IoT Hub

5.3.2. IoT Edge

5.3.3. Device Provisioning Services

5.3.4. Azure Digital Twin Not yet in scope of FTA

5.3.5. Azure IoT Plug & Play Not yet in scope of FTA

5.3.6. Azure Maps Not yet in scope of FTA

5.3.7. Defender for IoT