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WordSpod by Mind Map: WordSpod

1. Earth

1.1. earth-shattering

1.1.1. def: sufficiently significant to affect the whole world ex:It need not be earth-shattering. But it should be something that mattered greatly to you

1.2. cost the earth

1.2.1. def: very expensive ex: this dress cost the earth

1.3. on earth

1.3.1. def: in the world New ex: What on earth is he doing with a spade?node

2. Floor

2.1. floorboards

2.1.1. def: any of the boards composing a floor ex: the floorboards of my house are very old

2.2. ocean floor

2.2.1. def: the subterranean part of the sea ex: the ocean floor looks like mountains

2.3. dance floor

2.3.1. def: a place for to dance ex: we want to have a dance floor in our house

3. Ground

3.1. on the ground

3.1.1. def: to be realistic ex: now, with your baby, you have to keep your feet on the ground

3.2. grounded

3.2.1. def: very sad ex: I am grounded about killing animals

3.3. off the ground

3.3.1. def: start something ex: The play never got off the ground

4. World

4.1. worldwide

4.1.1. def: global, universal ex: mc donald's is a worldwide enterprise

4.2. all time in the world

4.2.1. def: a lot of time ex: I have finished my studies. I have all time in the world now

4.3. out of this world

4.3.1. def: amazing, unbelievable ex: the show was out of this world

4.4. think the world

4.4.1. def: to hold something or someone in very high esteem ex: She thinks the world of her adviser

4.5. top of the world

4.5.1. def: extremely happy ex: I am in the top of the world because I won the lotery!