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hold your horses

DEF: If someone tells you to hold your horses, you are doing something too fast and they would like you to slow down.

Eg: "Hold your horses, you haven't thought about this yet."

Horse trading

Def: Horse trading is an idiom used to describe negotiations, especially where these are difficult and involve a lot of compromise.

Eg: The restaurant owner is famous for his horse trading; he's just exchanged a month of free dinners for a month of free television commercials. This expression alludes to the notorious shrewdness of horse traders, who literally bought and sold horses.


fight like cat and dog

Def: to argue violently all the time

Eg: We get on very well as adults but as kids we fought like cat and dog.

Cat among the pigeons

Def: If something or someone puts, or sets or lets, the cat among the pigeons, they create a disturbance and cause trouble.

Eg: Tell them all they've got to work on Saturday. That should set the cat among the pigeons.


dog and pony show

Def: a display, demonstration, or exhibition of something-such as something one is selling.

Eg:Gary went into his standard dog and pony show, trying to sell us on an upgrade to our software. Don't you get tired of running through the same old dog and pony show at every trade show?

Dog tired

Def: If you are dog tired, you are exhausted.

Eg: You've been giving me the same old excuses for months and I'm sick and tired of hearing them! I've been treated like dirt for two years now and I'm sick to death of it!


Snake oil salesperson

DEf: A person who promotes something that doesn't work, is selling snake oil.

Eg: In my opinion, government measures for balancing the budget are just so much snake oil.

Snake in the grass

Def: Someone who is a snake in the grass betrays you even though you have trusted them.

Eg: How could I ever have trusted that snake in the grass? John is such a snake in the grass.


Crocodile tears

Def:If someone cries crocodile tears, they pretend to be upset or affected by something.

Eg: politicians shed crocodile tears over the plight of the unemployed"


have a whale of a time

Def: to have an exciting or fun time; to have a big time

Eg: We had a whale of a time at Sally's birthday party. Enjoy your vacation! I hope you have a whale of a time.

whale into

def: to attack or punish someone or an animal.

Eg: Jimmy's dad really whaled into him. The sailor whaled into the dog.