MS Technology Classes

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MS Technology Classes by Mind Map: MS Technology Classes

1. OS Tools-File Management

1.1. part of 1 class as we create something

1.1.1. download folder

1.1.2. video folder

1.1.3. picture folder

1.1.4. music folder

1.2. pesonalization

1.3. screenshots

1.4. video cast with quicktime

1.5. spaces

2. Semester One

2.1. Quarter One

2.1.1. W1&2 Q1 C1 Introduction to OSX spaces File-management Show adobe education videos on text base video animation. Brainstorm Descriptors and Storyboard "Who Am I" using Name. Individual Blog Setup/Quad blogging group one C2 Introduction to OSX Screenshot. Finish Storyboard. Begin introduction to Type based video. Using Type and Layers Blog Setup 2 C3 Introduction to screencasts on a mac. Continue with Type based animation C4 Screen Cast. Begin the creation of a how to script. For everything we are doing so far Screencast to Imovie and Imovie overview. Continue with Type based animation

2.1.2. W3&4 Q1 C5 COntinue With Type based animation How To Screencast Blog Setup 3 (archive One and Two) C6 Continue to spend time on Two projects Type & ScreenCast C7 Continue to spend time on Two projects Type & ScreenCast C8 Continue to spend time on Two projects Type & ScreenCast

2.1.3. W5&6 Q1 C9 C10 C11 C12 Screencast Due C13 Type animation done

2.1.4. W7&8

2.2. Quarter Two

3. Digital Footprint (part of the learning journey.

4. Who am I at the beginning of the year and what have I become by the end of the year

5. Multimedia Class

5.1. Graphics Photoshop (Q1)

5.1.1. I am Video Q1 H Mc Michaels idea from Meatless Monday An Animated Photoshop layer based video. Check out adobe education kinetic

5.2. Podcasting GarageBand (Q1)

5.2.1. I am Poem + Soundtrack

5.3. Video iMovie

5.3.1. Poster + Soundtrack + More

5.3.2. green screen

5.4. Animation With Hype

5.4.1. Infographic

5.4.2. Name Animation

5.5. Presentation

5.6. Infographics (Online Tool or video/html5

6. Showcase Portfolio iBooks (ongoing)

6.1. Bookery

7. Blog Based Growth Portfolio and Blogging Q1 (ongoing)

7.1. Quadblogginging September,(

7.1.1. three sessions so each class gets a session

7.2. Setup grade six menu system

7.2.1. create a tri monthly artifact collection workflow documents via iPads iBook Author friendly

7.3. push for DEAR link to comments and posts Monthly

7.3.1. reading what others create and commenting as part of a writing reading culture

7.4. Setup a list of grade six blogging expectations. Share this with team as what I am doing. With respects to portfolio as well. Goal is that is completed by the end of the first quarter.

7.4.1. Thoughts so far Gdoc

7.4.2. based off YIS?

7.4.3. Create Portfolio Badge system?

8. In this course students will explore technology. They will further develop their digital footprint and their understanding of digital citizenship while creating video, animations, podcasts and graphics. They will also be introduced to programming tools that will allow them to create games. As they move through each topic they will record their journey through the creation of a personal electronic portfolio.

9. Data Analysis (Q3)

9.1. Tinkerplots

9.2. Creation of a survey and data collection

10. Awareness Q1

10.1. Standards (see note)

10.1.1. OS Tools File Management screencast/screen shot tools image size optimization via preview and other preview tricks

10.1.2. Digital Citizenship Use Google Youtube and Class Badges Use Common Sense and Class Badges pretest cc knowledge and add to if needed

10.2. Assessment

10.2.1. how to video, screencast of the different tools Done using quicktime. Screen casts with built in audio using soundflower

10.2.2. observation

10.2.3. rubrics blogging

10.2.4. preformance

10.3. Timeline

10.3.1. add a time line minutes periods etc.

11. Sketchup (Q3)

12. Coding and Robotics

12.1. Game based Programming (Q1-Q2-Q3)

12.1.1. Scratch Reources Look at This and this

12.1.2. Gamestar

12.1.3. Tynker

12.1.4. Game Salad resources

12.1.5. Live Code

12.2. Robotics

12.2.1. Lego Robotics