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Mark Mosher Live Rigs by Mind Map: Mark Mosher Live Rigs
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Mark Mosher Live Rigs

Multimedia Rig for performing composed music from albums

Audio Live 9, Windows

Controllers, Percussa AudioCubes, Novation Remote SL 25 Mk 2

Primary Virtual Synths, Absynth, U-HE, Zebra, Hive

Interactive Visuals Resolume

Musique concrète Rig

Elektron Octatrack

Used for

concrète mixer series

Desktop Hardware Rig

Elektron Octatrack

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Black

Used for shows

(no)poem tour

Oscillators Only Single Synth Rig

Nord Lead 4

Use for

Ambient Showcase drone shows

Hardware Live Sequencing & Performance Rig

Elektron Octatrack

Using either

Nord Lead 4

Wakdorf Blofeld Keyboard