Physics P1: Motion

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Physics P1: Motion by Mind Map: Physics P1: Motion

1. Average speed is equivalent to the total distance over total time.

1.1. v=s/t

1.1.1. v=average speed

1.1.2. s=total distance

1.1.3. t=total time

1.2. Speed is the rate of change of distance

2. When an object moves faster, it accelerates, whereas then it moves slower, it decelerates.

2.1. Delta (Small triangle) means the change in something.

2.2. a=delta v/t

2.2.1. a=acceleration (in meters per second squared)

2.2.2. delta v=the change in speed (the first speed minus the second speed)

2.2.3. t=time taken

2.3. Acceleration is the change of speed.

3. Distance-Time Graphs

3.1. Represent the speed and distance traveled by a certain object over a certain period of time.

4. Graphs

4.1. Speed Time Graphs

4.1.1. Shows the speed and time of an object, as well as the distance travelled by the object.

4.1.2. x axis is time, represented by t, and in seconds

4.1.3. y axis is speed, represented by v, and in m/s

4.1.4. A slant shows constant acceleration, while a straight line shows constant speed.

4.1.5. Distance travelled is the area under the v/t graph.

4.2. Use Ruler Label everything Pencil

5. Displacement is distance measured in a given direction.

6. Velocity is the rate of change of displacement.

6.1. Velocity = Displacement / Time

6.2. Velocity and displacement are vectors, so they have size and direction.

6.3. Speed and distance are scalars, and they have no specific direction.