The Production Process

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The Production Process by Mind Map: The Production Process

1. Pre-Production

1.1. Concept/Germination- Producer

1.2. Song Writing- Composer

1.3. Demo Recording- Artist

1.4. Creative brainstorming-Producer, Artist

2. Post-Production

2.1. Editing

2.1.1. Engineer

2.1.2. Producer

2.1.3. Assistant

2.2. Mixing

2.2.1. Mixer-Engineer-Mixing Assistant

2.3. Mastering-Engineer

2.4. Packaging

2.5. Marketing

3. Production

3.1. Recording

3.1.1. Artist

3.1.2. Producer

3.2. Tracking

3.2.1. Producer

3.2.2. Engineer

3.3. Arranging

3.3.1. Producer

4. In the production studio everyone answers to the producer. Assistants usually report to the engineer. Composers work with both producers, and artists. While the artist does not work for the producer the producer, the producer usually has a say in what the sound will be, and every phase of creating a song.