Computer Input/Output Devices

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Computer Input/Output Devices by Mind Map: Computer Input/Output Devices

1. The Printer is used as an output device. It allows hardcopies to be printed.

2. The monitor is an output device to view what has been input into the computer.

3. The Keyboard is used to either input a character to a computer or even to call upon a function of the compute

4. Image Scanner - allows all types of images such as printed text, handwritten text, and pictures to be converted to digital images.

5. Plan

5.1. Goals

5.1.1. Goal 1

5.1.2. Goal 2

5.2. Rules

5.2.1. Session Rule 1

5.2.2. Session Rule 2

5.3. Define Problems

5.4. Capture Ideas

5.5. Prioritize Ideas

5.6. Define Action Points

6. Printer

7. Monitor

8. Keyboard

9. Scanner

9.1. Action Point 2