Manhattan Murder Mystery

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Manhattan Murder Mystery by Mind Map: Manhattan Murder Mystery

1. Victim

1.1. Chuck Fredrickson

1.1.1. birth mark on right shoulder.

1.1.2. Wedding Ring

1.1.3. 182 cm tall

1.1.4. Dismembered

1.1.5. White male

1.1.6. 48 years

1.2. Manuel Rodriguez

1.2.1. 42 years

1.2.2. construction worker with the ‘Upstate Development Co.

1.2.3. 59kg

1.2.4. Single tattoo (identifying to the Bronx Hispanos gang)

1.2.5. 29th January 2009 at 2.05am at the Blue Rhumba nightclub, West 42nd St.

1.2.6. 180cm tall

2. Suspects

2.1. Sonny Martonetti

2.1.1. Allergic to Wollen Fibre

2.1.2. Cortisone Plus

2.1.3. On Fire

2.1.4. Burnt food

2.1.5. It couldn't have been Sonny because he was in hospital getting an injection for his allergic reaction Proof - Hospital form found about his Cortisone plus

2.2. Don Carlini

2.2.1. On a lunch break Dropped off hems

2.2.2. Recovered soil over-coat currently in forensic lab no conclusive results yet

2.2.3. Blood on over-coat

2.2.4. Catches on fire and shrivles up

2.2.5. lamb tails

2.2.6. Arranged to meet Manuel Manuel Complained of having blood all over his hands He offered to do it for $20,000 Didn't get the ammount he wanted

2.2.7. could be don carlini hypothesis emailed to Chief

2.3. Jimmy Frederickson

2.3.1. Didn't attend lecture

2.3.2. Room Mate Xavier 'Covered' for him Ticked him off roll

2.3.3. Doesn't know where he was at the time

2.3.4. Matches with victim

2.3.5. Lamb tails

2.3.6. wool

2.3.7. Catches on fire

2.3.8. Possible to have murdered Chuck

2.3.9. Couldnt have done it The NY University student librarian kept an eye on Jimmy Jimmy got book out for a 4 hour loan

2.4. Betty Frederickson

2.4.1. Sonya Tate Remembers distinctive bracelete

2.4.2. Visited Maceys Dept store

2.4.3. She couldn't have done it because Sonya Tate saw her come in at the time of the murder Betty was shopping with her daughter at the time of His death

3. Murder Location

3.1. South street sea port

3.2. East river

3.3. Aforementioned, same as before

4. Timeline

4.1. Jan

4.2. Earliest time of death

4.2.1. 1.47pm

5. Murder Weapon

5.1. Silver letter Opener

5.1.1. Chuck Frederickson

5.2. machine

5.2.1. Manuel Rodriguez

6. Note

6.1. Pen D

6.1.1. Don Carlini

6.2. Pen C

6.2.1. Sonny Martonetti Wrote the note because he worked in the same office as Chuck Frederickson

6.3. Madison Avenue, Restraunt, Lunch booking, Maite De-Ivan 1.15pm