Interpretation of Frida Kahlo's Painting

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Interpretation of Frida Kahlo's Painting by Mind Map: Interpretation of Frida Kahlo's Painting

1. The painting looks greenish in the background and the main person looks serious and sad.This shows that the person was in a state of loneliness when doing painting the picture-Kowselyaa

1.1. nice eyebrows

2. I can tell that the person in the picture is well connected with nature, but she treats some cruelly, as she hangs a dead swallow and twigs with thorns around her neck, perhaps as a decoration. She could have a pet that has passed away and the artist is bearing the loss and the pain of it. But she cares for the other animals and plants as well, this shows that she is a nature lover. -Ally Yip

3. The painting has animals and nature in it. She probably likes nature a lot. - Kimberlyn :)

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4. The painting looks like it is sad and lonely as the guy is alone and he is not smiling . Ebel

4.1. self-portrait,insects, flowers, and animals

5. The artist enjoys nature a lot I guess. -Krystal lee

6. Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

6.1. 1940


7.1. "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."

7.2. I was born a bitch. I was born a painter

7.3. The painting shows an emotionless potrait. Behind her, there's animals and plants. Also, there's a "necklace" of a bird around her neck. Probably she likes nature. ~Rui Yi~

8. This lady is one with nature as the plants and animals are gathering around her and entangling with her ~Vanessa

8.1. this picture shows a woman with many animals around her looks like mother nature-navya

9. the painting shows how much the artist loves nature with all the flowers , viens around her neck and leaves around the background -ying-i

10. The painting looks like it is from the wild - Tsing yen (:

11. The painting has animals and nature surrounding her,it is possible that she enjoys or admires nature. - Charlotte Lim :)

12. The painting shows an emotionless woman who looks sad and bored with life. by kirstie. teehee

13. I think she is trying to say about a person that is all alone stranded on a island and is accompanied by animal only. it is telling us that she likes nature and animals a lot .Looking at her expression, we can tell that she is sad and lonely, needing someone to accompany her. -sharleen.

13.1. By dearest leen :b . Dont change it kay ?! .

14. the painting carries a sad feeling because the person inside looks sad and down as he is not smiling -Christabel

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15. In the painting's background, there is a use ofof green

16. This person definitely loves nature. There are plants and animals surrounding the character.

17. she likes nature alot as there are alot of different plants and different shades of green and different types of leaves and different sizes . She must most probably likes animals as there are many animals . RACHEL :)

17.1. The painting shows a man surrounded by flowers and animals maybe he is in a forest.

17.2. I can interpret that the artist feels sad because the arist has very gloomy eyes and has no expression on the face. -daveena

18. The picture shows that she is very tight down and captured because she has branches surrounding her neck- showing shes very enclosed. - Janelle

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20. The painting shows how much the painter loves nature, as she drew flowers and animals behind her. for example the black cat. -GERMANY

21. because i think the guy looks cute. nice eyebrows

21.1. this isn't interpretation, Ms L.

22. The aritst like nature a lot as there are animals

23. nice eyebrows

24. The artist love animals and looks very sad.

25. The p

26. There are many leaves and animals surrounding the man so I think the artist likes nature. -TingWei

27. Nature is in the painting as there are many plants and a few animals around in the painting~Alicia

28. The painting shows that the artist is closely connected to nature,she uses green plants and black cats as the background. _Ceelestine

29. The aritst like nature as the picture have animals surrounding a person with unibrow

30. the painting has plants and animals surrounding her

31. The painting shows that the artist is well connected with nature as she has nature and wildlife suroounding her.

32. I think that this drawing represents