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Atoms and Molecules by Mind Map: Atoms and Molecules
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Atoms and Molecules

Mixture vs Compound

Chemically combined

Molecules/compounds eg. H2O. Water can only be separated into hydrogen and oxygen by a chemical reaction. eg. 2H20 --> 2H2 + O2, Q: Capsaicin is a substance that gives chilli its hot taste. It has the formula C18H27O3N. Which of the following is not true? A: It is a mixture of 4 elements. B: There are 49 atoms in a molecule of capsaicin. C: The elements in capsaicin are non-metallic elements. D: The elements in capsaicin cannot be separated by physical methods.

Physically combined

Mixture. eg. salt water. (NaCl + H20) Salt and water can be separated by physical methods. eg. boiling to evaporate water.


is made up of

Atoms, made up of 3 subatomic particles., Proton, atomic number, chemical symbol, Neutron, mass number - atomic number, Electron, Ions, when an atom loses or gains an electron. eg. Mg 2+, -the smallest particle of an element. -the smallest unit of a substance., same type of atoms, Element eg. H2, different type of atoms, Compound eg. H20

is either

Element, -made up of atoms of the same type. -simplest form of a substance. -cannot be broken down into simpler substance., eg. CH4 is a substance which can be broken down into simpler substance C and H. -C and H are elements. ie. substances of the simplest form. -C or H cannot be broken down into simpler form., Q: In an element, are all the atoms the same?

Compound, -made up of atoms of different elements. -can be broken down into simpler elements. (by chemical reactions). -not the simplest form of a substance., eg. CH4 is a compound. made of elements C and H. eg. H20 is a compound. made up of elements H and O.