Iteration 5

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Iteration 5 by Mind Map: Iteration 5

1. Postcode

1.1. Add House Number to Address line 1

2. Site 3 configuration

2.1. Carpetright Ireland configuration

2.1.1. Review the current configuration that has already the configuration for this site.

2.1.2. Remove the postcode lookup from checkout and My account Shall remain as if it were enter address manually

2.1.3. Update the Store Finder page just not to ask for Postcode. Text shall be changed to 'Enter post code or town' Store Finder page Home Page

3. Data cleaning before SR go-live

3.1. Upload Sleepright banners

3.2. Delete Sleepright IE store from BE and delete the folder which contains the files

4. Pending IT4

4.1. Datacash

4.1.1. System needs to log every message sent/received from Datacash. Even if it is succesful or unsuccesful.

4.1.2. Error messages

4.2. Logging between ecp <> BZ

4.2.1. System needs to log every message sent/received from BZ. Even if it is succesful or unsuccesful. AN: when running the import script, standard output can be redirect to any log file you decide.

4.2.2. Shall be managed via Admin

4.3. Calculators

4.3.1. Narrow search on Show product within my budget

4.4. Attribute logos

4.4.1. CR

4.5. Static Pages

4.5.1. Check that everything on IA is what we have on-site Spreadsheet sent by Zdenek

4.5.2. Populate the content for CR and SR pages

4.6. Make all text-content as an output from Dictionary

4.7. Fitting Cost

4.8. Modification to basket functionality for CR to handle quantity ordered


4.8.2. Documentation

4.8.3. Applies only to CR

4.9. SEO

4.9.1. CR

4.9.2. SR

4.10. Integration

4.10.1. Order Amends Fitting&Delivery items on order Sleepright DHD lines on orders Remove House Number from Address Line 1 This is new, is not pending

4.10.2. Import Products Convert Laminate EA price to M2

4.10.3. Import Stores

4.10.4. Attributes Skip Colour When BZ is sending the Colour we dont need to take it into account; we need to import the product without that attribute value

4.11. RRP

4.11.1. Product detail page

4.12. Was/Now

4.12.1. List category page

4.12.2. Product detail page

4.12.3. Trolley

4.13. Usability - Account Management

4.13.1. Requirement Remove Reorder option and replace with Cancel option (regardless of order status) Reorder Option still exists when you go to Order Details

4.14. Variant images

4.14.1. Implement the Plugin

4.14.2. Modify the import images script

4.14.3. Import All images Not all images were delivered Pending from Carpetright Import the ones that we have

4.15. Help Links on Calculators

4.16. Style for error messages

4.16.1. On Sleepright

4.17. Delivery Integration (trolley<>checkout)

5. Implement new content block for SSL

5.1. Pending content block from Summit

6. Product Data

6.1. Import Full Description + Short Description + Meta Description

6.1.1. Carpetright has delivered all data in an excel

6.1.2. Carpetright site

7. Banners

7.1. Pending content for Carpetright

7.2. Delivered for Sleepright

8. Update configuration

8.1. On the level of SLEEPRIGHT UK

8.1.1. Delivery Methods Set Matrix Rate = No Set Free Delivery = NO Set Flat Rate = YES Title: Standard Delivery Charge Method Name: Standard Delivery Charge Type: Per Order Price: 35

8.1.2. Shop Email Addresses General Contact Sleepright Online [email protected] Sales Representative Sleepright Online [email protected] Customer Support Sleepright Online [email protected] Custom Email 1 Sleepright Online [email protected] Custom Email 2 Sleepright Online [email protected]

8.2. On the level of CARPETRIGHT UK

8.2.1. Shop Email Addresses General Contact Carpetright Online [email protected] Sales Representative Carpetright Online [email protected] Customer Support Carpetright Online [email protected] Custom Email 1 Carpetright Online [email protected] Custom Email 2 Carpetright Online [email protected]

9. Terms and Conditions

9.1. It is working as a popup, and now they want to change it as a NEW WINDOW

9.2. Including header, footer, left menu

10. Banners removal

10.1. On Search page

11. Checkout Amends

11.1. Set "I am new customer" as default

11.2. Upload the new secure logos

12. Kids Category

12.1. New static block

12.2. New category

13. Delivery - Product detail page

13.1. Amend message on product detail page to say - "Delivery: In $number days" where $number is value which is currently displayed.