Final Concept Map for Assessment and Evaluation

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Final Concept Map for Assessment and Evaluation by Mind Map: Final Concept Map for Assessment and Evaluation

1. Assessment Purposes

1.1. Pretests

1.1.1. Determines prerequisite skills, basis for remedial work, and to determine modifications to instructional plan

1.2. Formative

1.2.1. Monitors student progress, feedback for instructional methods modifications, covers a smaller set of learning skills/ outcomes

1.3. Summative

1.3.1. Provides a broader evaluation of student achievement covering learning outcomes of a course and is used to determine course grade; can also be used to evaluate teaching methods

2. Assessment Tasks

2.1. Objective test items like short answer, completion, true/false, multiple choice, matching, extended response, and restricted response

2.2. Performance Assessments like building models, keyboarding, diagramming, construction, and use of equipment

3. Tools for Measurements and Procedures

3.1. Rubrics

3.1.1. Provides a description of the expected activity to be assessed for specific objectives and the scoring results

3.2. Rating Scales

3.2.1. The rater checks off the degree of how well the student performed or met the objective. Shown in the form of a numerical scale or a descriptive graphic

3.3. Checklists

3.3.1. Primarily based on teacher observation of student performance; convenient for showing evidence of growth

3.4. Portfolios

3.4.1. A collection of student work which represents student knowledge about specific content; evidence of student growth is easy to recognize

3.5. Observational

3.5.1. Witnessing specific student behavior as evidence of understanding

3.6. Self-reflection

3.6.1. Student's own assessment of performance requires critical thinking skills regarding understanding and growth in knowledge

3.7. Peer Appraisal

3.7.1. Students use the same tool as the teacher for measuring and rating peer performance

4. Online Assessment Tools and Generators