Final Major Project

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Final Major Project by Mind Map: Final Major Project

1. Development

1.1. Experiment with...

1.1.1. Different Material

1.1.2. Different colours

2. Research

2.1. Write up two double pages on an artist?

2.1.1. Use only your own work-no print outs?

2.1.2. add text and few images

2.2. Visit a Museum

2.3. Draw from primary sources

2.3.1. Pencil study of an object

2.3.2. Pencil study of a model

2.4. Go to library and record what you find

2.4.1. School library

2.4.2. Public Library

2.4.3. Bookshop Foyles Charring Cross Road Amazon

3. Refinement

3.1. Written Evaluation?

3.2. Reworking?

3.3. Comparing?

3.4. Get opinions?

4. Presentation

4.1. Plan/put on a show